Up Close and Personal
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Up Close and Personal: Nida Wongphanlert
Up Close and Personal
“The long stays really save us now,” she said. 137 Pillars Hotel has a long story. The journey began when Nida Wongphanlert’s grandmother was looking for a piece of land on which
Up Close and Personal: Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong
Up Close and Personal
The Slate Phuket has welcomed Christian Louboutin, Cyril Vergniol, Louis Benech, and Frederic Malle. Krystal Prakaikaew Na-Ranong grew up in the family business which was involved in tin mining and hotels. Unfortunately for
Up Close & Personal: Verawat Ongvasith
Up Close and Personal
“Be patient.” - And patience is what we all need. If New York is a city that never sleeps, so is Bangkok. One may argue that it’s been quiet because we have
Up Close & Personal : Charintip Tiyaphorn
Up Close and Personal
Charintip Tiyaphorn is the daughter of Anurat Tiyaphorn, the founder and owner of Pimalai Resort & Spa - the luxury property which brought the Andaman island of Koh Lanta to international prominence since
Up Close and Personal: Punsa Roengpithya
Up Close and Personal
Punsa Roengpithya is the owner of Holiday Inn Express Soi Soonvijai, which he built from the ground up on land his family owns. Having worked in the engineering sector, his strong background in
Up Close and Personal : Tari Savitri, Hotelier in a Diver's Paradise
Up Close and Personal
If you're a diver, chances are that that Raja Ampat or 'The Four Kings' is on your dive bucket-list. Raja Ampat is an archipelago of about 1500 islands in Indonesia's West Papua province.
Up Close: Karan Vaidya
Up Close and Personal
Karan Vaidya is developing his wellness resort in his hometown in Nepal. During a search for management company Karan and I met and we talked a lot about hotel management companies, branding, wellness,
Up Close & Personal: Sitiphum and Unyanud Wongwijitkul
Up Close and Personal
Young, dynamic, and eager to learn would be the perfect description of the dynamic duo of Sitiphum and Unyanud Wongwijitkul, the managing directors of Vela360 Co. Ltd., who are in their first year
Up Close and Personal: Chanin Vanijwongse
Up Close and Personal
From IT professional to real estate developer, the journey of Habitat Group CEO Chanin Vanijwongse started out with the purchase of a condominium on upper Sukhumvit which he originally intended to use as
Up Close and Personal: Suppachai Rattanaopath
Suppachai Rattanopath is a young hotelier who has two missions in mind – not just to run his hotels but to change the way destinations are perceived. With a master’s degree in hospitality
Up Close & Personal : Gavin Vongkusolkit
Up Close and Personal
People remember you by how you make them feel, and that’s definitely the case for me.  Gavin Vongkusolkit according to Forbes, is a ‘new tycoon’. According to me, he’s one of
Up Close & Personal: Sarinya Mahadumrongkul
Up Close and Personal
Some years ago, I was at an event hosted by Starwood & Marriott. I was struggling with a drink in one hand and a phone in the other, trying to take a selfie.
Up Close & Personal: Panida Tosnaitada
Precious few hotels are also a museum, but as I crossed the six-lane road to Bangkok Publishing Residence, a building that doesn’t look anything like a hotel, I was about to enter
Up Close and Personal: Thommy Backner - Sälen, Sweden
Up Close and Personal
Thommy Backner is an iconic Swedish hotelier and hotel owner whose experience in hospitality goes back over 45 years. Prior to his full time career as a hotelier, Thommy balanced his professional skiing
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