Wimintra J. Raj
Wimintra is the founder and Editor in Chief of Hotelintel.co - A Political Science graduate, who fell in love with hotels. When she isn't writing, she is speaking at industry events.
Up Close and Personal: Nida Wongphanlert
Up Close and Personal
“The long stays really save us now,” she said. 137 Pillars Hotel has a long story. The journey began when Nida Wongphanlert’s grandmother was looking for a piece of land on which
Run Your Hotel Business Like An
Hotel Operations
Running a hotel is running a business, and to get it right takes a much broader range of skills than you might think. As an entrepreneur myself, I know the importance of learning
Never Make Irrational Decisions Again - How to Thrive in Hotels
Hotel Operations
Making business decisions requires more than just 'gut feelings' or 'domain centric skills'. Everyday we face decisions; some are harder to make than others. From what to wear, where to eat, who to
Chef of the Month: Lamberto Valdez Lara
Chef of the Month
From Jordan to the Maldives and around the globe, Mexico’s Chef Lamberto has brought with him cooking skills, team management, and creative ideas. Now at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok as an Executive Chef,
Hilton to Convert 2,000 Rooms in 24 Months
Hospitality Investments
“It was as if the owners pitched the Hilton brand to us, instead of us pitching the brand to them” With over 102 years of history, 60 years in Asia, and 30 years
'The Slate' - Designer Luxury to Slate on your Bucket-list
Hotel Operations
"Good art sends a different message to everyone. Good design sends the same message to everyone" When you think of 'Phuket, Thailand', you think beaches, palm-trees, ocean front. In fact, there are so
Hotelier Of The Month : Kristina Snaith-Lense
Hotelier of the Month
We're also prioritizing wellness as one of our areas to strengthen and this strategy was in place before COVID Kristina Snaith-Lense oversees operations as General Manager at Hong Kong's renowned luxury property -
Can I Trust Your Brand as Covid-19 Destroys Our Health and Finances?
Hotel Operations
“Can I get back to you once I know exactly what the situation is?’’ - That was the answer on the end of the line from one of the hoteliers I was talking
Understanding the Hotel Business
Hotel Operations
You think running a hotel is easy? You are wrong. Once upon a time, a hotel offered just a bed to rest your head, and then the introduction of breakfast followed. Some time
Why and How Promads Travel?
Hotelintel Live
Promads are not defined by age, gender, or income   Promads or 'Progressive Nomads', is a classification of travelers who believe that they are not defined by material things. They have always existed but
Why Do Hoteliers Need a Master’s Degree in Business Now More than Ever?
There is never a downside to education. The hotel business is changing. The role of hoteliers is also changing. While the roots are still deep in service, someone needs the business sense to
What are The New Food and Beverage Trends for 2021?
Food and Beverage
The new trends are all about adaptation and giving customers what they want. In 2020 the effects of Covid rippled out into all parts of the economy and as a result of drastic
Cross Hotels & Resorts Announces its New CEO
Harry Thaliwal Appointed as CEO of Cross Hotels & Resorts An internal promotion for a highly-regarded industry maestro, Harry is renowned for his disruptive thinking that has continually generated creativity and innovation across
Don't Be Seen By Everyone : SOHO HOUSE
Hotel Operations
Gone are the days where we want to be 'seen' by everyone. Time and energy are the real currencies at play these days and you'll want to spend them wisely - I know

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