Stuart Jay Raj 王懷樂
Author, speaker, cross-cultural business strategist and linguist; Fluency in over 15 languages inc. Mandarin, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Spanish, Sanskrit, and other languages across Southeast Asia.
5 Reasons Why Using Hotel WiFi Is a Bad Idea
Hotel Operations
In this article we're going to look at five different risks that you face when using a hotel's WiFi system that could result in you losing money, data, privacy, and even your identity.
Getting to Know - Diamond Billionaire Fred Moawad
Hotel Operations
Fred Mouawad's name is now synonymous with not only 'Diamonds', but also 'Miss Universe' having been selected to design and make the spectacular 2020 Miss Universe crown. Wealth-X named Fred Mouawad the eighth
Chef of the Month : Monthep Kamolsilp
Chef of the Month
A Thai native who was trained in French cuisine has taken a journey back to his own roots and discovered local wisdom that had in this modern age, almost been forgotten. Monthep Kamolsilp
Hotel Staff on Power Trips Could be Destroying Your Brand
Hotel Operations
Where is the line between Hotel staff looking out for our safety and becoming vigilante moral enforcement officers? Arrested for DeodorantOn the morning of November 11, 2019 an Indonesian resident of Singapore who
Are Hotel Brand Standards Out of Touch with the Markets they Serve?
Hotel Operations
Brand standards for global companies like Marriott, Accor, Hilton, IHG and Shangri-La, while necessary for ensuring brand and service integrity, might be proving to be one of the biggest challenges as these brands
Aussie Hoteliers Hone China / Asia Strategy as Market Shifts from Groups to Affluent FIT's
In the wake of the 2019 Melbourne Cup, many Australian hoteliers were back to business as usual on the 7th of November, as they attended's first official Australian event which took
How Hoteliers are Increasing the Value of their Corporate Key Accounts
Hotel Operations
There are more than 600,000 hotels worldwide, and that's before you add in Airbnb and other non-traditional lodging providers. A  study by HRS found however that despite so many properties, the vast
You Don't Know Your Own Hotel's Name?
"How is it possible that you don't even know your own hotel's name?" As part of the research for our 'Marketing To China' series, we examined thousands of comments
Santa Might Have a New Place to Park His Sleigh - Sälen, Sweden
We drove north from Gardermoen Airport in Oslo for about three hours in increasingly heavy snow, where we finally crossed the border into Sweden. As we climbed higher and higher into the snow-covered
Up Close and Personal: Thommy Backner - Sälen, Sweden
Up Close and Personal
Thommy Backner is an iconic Swedish hotelier and hotel owner whose experience in hospitality goes back over 45 years. Prior to his full time career as a hotelier, Thommy balanced his professional skiing
First Beer Hotel is Here - There’s a Thing or Two We Can Learn
The Scottish craft beer brand ‘BrewDog’ opened its first beer hotel ‘The Dog House’, where guests can wake up in a brewery and enjoy beer pairing at breakfast. The hotel’s 32 rooms
Chef of the Month : Chef Alexandre Demard
Chef of the Month
A recent winner of ‘Iron Chef’ Thailand, Alexandre Dumard is a chef at ‘Oxygen Dining Room’ at X2 Chiangmai Riverside known for his finely honed cooking techniques and elaborate plating, and had been specialized in french cuisine for over 15 years.
Uniforms are Everyone’s Business
“Uniforms are everyone’s business! Everyone is a designer in hotels. Everyone knows how to dress, knows the fabric, knows how to make a dress, and everyone has an opinion. From owners and
Chef of the Month:  Michael Hogan
Chef of the Month
Having spent his childhood cooking for his family in Queensland, Chef Michael Hogan learned his craft as a chef’s assistant at a small restaurant just down the street from his home. Since