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'The Slate' - Designer Luxury to Slate on your Bucket-list
Hotel Operations
"Good art sends a different message to everyone. Good design sends the same message to everyone" When you think of 'Phuket, Thailand', you think beaches, palm-trees, ocean front. In fact, there are so
Can I Trust Your Brand as Covid-19 Destroys Our Health and Finances?
Hotel Operations
“Can I get back to you once I know exactly what the situation is?’’ - That was the answer on the end of the line from one of the hoteliers I was talking
Understanding the Hotel Business
Hotel Operations
You think running a hotel is easy? You are wrong. Once upon a time, a hotel offered just a bed to rest your head, and then the introduction of breakfast followed. Some time
5 Ways to Communicate Your Brand Through Lighting
Hotel Operations
If we get this right, it translates into a better outcome, a happier guest and greater spend. The importance of light is often overlooked. It's subtle and it's complex. But when we combine
Why and How Promads Travel?
Hotelintel Live
Promads are not defined by age, gender, or income   Promads or 'Progressive Nomads', is a classification of travelers who believe that they are not defined by material things. They have always existed but
Why Do Hoteliers Need a Master’s Degree in Business Now More than Ever?
There is never a downside to education. The hotel business is changing. The role of hoteliers is also changing. While the roots are still deep in service, someone needs the business sense to
Don't Be Seen By Everyone : SOHO HOUSE
Hotel Operations
Gone are the days where we want to be 'seen' by everyone. Time and energy are the real currencies at play these days and you'll want to spend them wisely - I know
More than Massage - How to Attract Spa Users in the Age of Wellness
Hotel Operations
'That image' of a couple in a treatment room with stones on their backs or rose petals in a bathtub has to change The Health and Wellness industry is changing. It was only
I Don’t Know How I Could Get Into Hotels If I Wanted To
Hotel Operations
There is no shortage of young talent available, but most are looking for secure positions in fields and companies that will earn parental approval. Are you starting to miss the old problems you
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Hong Kong Luxury Hotel Actually World's Largest Hospitality Laboratory - PolyU SHTM
Hotel Operations
Hong Kong PolyU School of Hotel and Tourism Management was ranked #1 in the world for four consecutive years. When you think of Hong Kong, one thing springs to mind - iconic brand
WeChat Video Vs. TikTok - Who Will be the China Social Media Winner in 2021?
Hotel Operations
Brands are now considering moving their content across to their WeChat Video account In 2020, Chinese social media giant 'TikTok' (known in China as Douyin 抖音) is without a doubt the hottest APP
How Hotels Save 50 Liters of Water Per Towel
Hotel Operations
Every time you refrain from changing your towel, you save 50 liters of water. I don’t usually reuse my towels in a hotel. My reason for not reusing a towel, however, has
Pimalai - The Last Sanctuary in Thailand’s Islands
Hotel Operations
When the owners built Pimalai Resort and Spa, their vision was to create 'paradise'. Pimalai Resort and Spa was opened in 2001. It took Charintip Tiyaphorn and her dad  ‘Anurat Tiyaphorn’ 4 years
What is Marriot's Eco-Conscious 'Element' Brand ?
The cost to build an 80-120-Key 'Element' branded property can start from just USD$130,000–USD$226,000 per key. 'Element Hotels' is part of Marriott International's longer stay segment. It caters
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