Hotelintel Live Live Events, Virtual Tours and more Via Facebook, Youtube and other Broadcasting Platforms 6 posts LIVE - Dusit Heir Champ Donavanik on ASAI and Launching a Hotel Brand during COVID(Untitled)
Hotelintel Live's 'Ing' (Chanita Susewi) got up close and personal this week with Dusit Thani Heir Siradej Donavanik, better known as 'Champ'. Despite the inclement tourism situation around the globe, Champ pushed ahead
Interview with F&B Visionary Rohit Sachdev SOHO Hospitality
Food and Beverage
"COVID-19 may have killed Fine Dining as we know it" Soho Hospitality's founder Rohit Sachdev made waves recently with this comment in a recent article in a national newspaper. In this
Standard International's Dr. James Mabey Talks Branding
Hotelintel Live
In this LIVE event,'s founder Wimintra interviews Dr. James Mabey, Managing Director for Middle East and Asia for Standard International. Dr. Mabey is also the Professor of Hospitality Strategy
Hotel Mogul Girish J - Ovolo Hotel Group Exclusive Interview
Hotelintel Live
"How can you give mini-bar, snacks, drinks and more away for free at Ovolo hotels and still make a profit?" In this interview between founder WImintra and Girish, we learn how
Billionaire Hotel Mogul  Bill Heinecke Interview
Hotelintel Live
"This is not a recessession - it's a depression!" ... Billionaire Hotelier Bill Heinecke, CEO of Minor International Co., Ltd., has spoken with's Wimintra about what the 'post Covid' world will look
The Siam - Virtual Luxury Hotel Tour
Hotelintel Live
In this first of our Facebook Live hotel tours, we visited the award winning 'The Siam' hotel located in the heart of Bangkok's Palace District right on the banks of the Chaophraya River.
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