In this LIVE event, Wimintra gets up close and personal with the larger than life Hotelier and CEO - Deepak Ohri, CEO of Lebua Hotels & Resorts.

The Lebua State Tower is perhaps best known as the 'Hangover' hotel having featured in the movie 'Hangover' - and according to Deepak, the hotel even has official permission to use the movie's name in their marketing.

When it comes to brand placement for Lebua, Deepak shared with us that the only hotel brand he might aspire to is Faena - other than that, when it comes to brands, he tends to look more to the retail brands of the likes of Hermes which are brands that Lebua guests would use.

Although Lebua Hotels & Resorts was born in Thailand, it also has properties in India and New Zealand. The Lebua brand is particularly popular amongst luxury-focused American travelers.

One of the hashtags associated with Deepak is #CrazyRichHotelier​ - and once you watch the interview, you'll know why.