Brands are now considering moving their content across to their WeChat Video account

In 2020, Chinese social media giant 'TikTok' (known in China as Douyin 抖音) is without a doubt the hottest APP in china. Brands from all industries and in particular hotels are using TikTok to build their brands up and get audience engagement in ways that they have never done before.

WeChat Video Account Logo

In June 2020 WeChat launched its beta version of WeChat Video to compete with Douyin and according to WeChat, has received over 200 million downloads. The app has now moved out of Beta, and they are allowing everyone access WeChat Video, making their video posts available to both personal and official accounts, adding a new dynamic for their fan-bases.

WeChat Video Strengths

Brands are now considering moving their content across to their Wechat Video account. People who are getting in on this first wave are bound to reap benefits that won't be available in the future. Amongst other things, they will get first shot at being able to win over new subscribers and exponentially grow their audiences.

Hard selling is no longer persona-non-grata on WeChat Video. In the past, hard, direct selling was discouraged and there were many restrictions put on the nature of posts. Now, in order to build their user base, WeChat Video have taken those restrictions away after realising the power of viral clips on TikTok. They're doing whatever they can to win this head to head battle with TikTok.

Travel industry related content is experiencing a distinctive boost at the moment as they're first in, and are receiving unprecedented traffic flowing through to their content during this first wave.

WeChat Video now has powerful e-commerce plugin options that can help drive conversions to more people, faster.

For the hoteliers who have WeChat OA accounts, the good news is that in order to benefit from this first wave into WeChat Video, all you need to do is put a little content out there and the traffic will come ... for the time being. Start plugging your promotions, discounts, F&B outlets, voucher campaigns - anything you can and you should experience an up-take on your conversions.