Jack Chineseguru
Jack is a Chinese Marketing guru who specializes in digital marketing. He helps companies and brands penetrate into the Chinese Market. He's also passionate about Hotels and F&B.
WeChat Video Vs. TikTok - Who Will be the China Social Media Winner in 2021?
Hotel Operations
Brands are now considering moving their content across to their WeChat Video account In 2020, Chinese social media giant 'TikTok' (known in China as Douyin 抖音) is without a doubt the hottest APP
4 Easy Steps to Put Your Hotel in the China Market Spotlight Using RED
Hotel Operations
Little Red Book or 'Xiǎo Hóng Shū 小红书', or just 'RED' by people in the west, is often referred to as 'Chinese Instagram' and is now one of the most popular

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