You shouldn’t expect anything less from the name 'Lebua'

What do you call a bar painted pink? A Pink Bar of course. But what do you call a bar painted Pink with a rare Champagne collection with bottles ranging from USD$300 to USD$5,016 and one of the best views in Asia? This is not just any 'pink bar'; rather, it's THE 'Pink Bar' at Lebua.

Some of the best things in life are pink. Pink Bar at Lebua doesn’t only showcase the visual aesthetics of the color Pink in their glory, but also offers Pink tastes, Pink smells, and even Pink 'feelings' - now that's how you create an experience. Honestly, after experiencing it ourselves, with named sensations including 'Velvet Touch', 'Sunset Sky Colors' and 'Bubbles on your Pallet', with the woft of some of the finest Champagnes in the air, we believe that this the only way we would want to do this kind of sophisticated F&B experience.

The cellar is stocked with some of France’s finest and rarest boutique brands: Le Brun de Neuville, Rare Champagne, Champagne J. de Telemont, Dosnon Champagne and the extraordinary but obscure Champagne Comtes de Dampierre — the latter personally sourced by Lebua’s CEO, Mr. Deepak Ohri.

The most expensive bottle on offer costs $5,016 (165,000 THB) and is the RARE LE SECRET Mangum from Piper Heidsieck .

Aside from some of the more well-known labels, there are also some bottles from smaller producers and artisanal winemakers. These are usually from family-owned and operated houses and are highlights of Pink - they're all part of its Champagne sipping experience that's on offer to guests.

Lebua has always been known for it's extra WOW factor, and with Pink, it definitely lives up to its reputation. Pink Bar does not disappoint and is the perfect venue for guests who are looking for an extraordinary experience.