Drinking isn't what many might consider a 'healthy' activity, so anything that can make drinking 'less unhealthy' or better for your health has to be a good thing.

Just because health and wellness trends are rising, it doesn't mean that consumers stop having fun all together. I know that I'm not, that's for sure. But, I'm not getting any younger and I want to take care of myself without killing the enjoyment factor. Here are some ideas for hotels who want to provide some drinking choices for those who still want to drink, but keep their calories low, save the planet, and all the while still have fun.

Organic Wine

According to Australian legal standards, organic wine contains only half the maximum legal limit of sulphur dioxide (220). Sulphur Dioxide is used to preserve wine but if you are sensitive to sulphur dioxide, drinking organic wine is a healthier choice for you and it might help reduce the hangover the next day.

"A total of 976 million bottles of organic wine are expected to be consumed in 2023, up 34% from 729 million bottles consumed in 2018. In 2018, organic wine accounted for 2.6% of global wine consumption, and this is expected to rise to 35% by 2023. In 2013, it represented just 1.5%" according to the research conducted by research group IWSR.

"This new research demonstrates how more and more consumers around the world are choosing organic wines as they reject the use of pesticides and other unnatural products that damage the environment and can enter the food chain," said Patrick Guiraud, president of Millésime Bio a trade show devoted to organic wine.

Vegan Cocktails and Wine

Vegans have fun, too ... I was told, and alcohol in its essence is a plant-based drink so even Vegans can enjoy it, but there are some 'gotchas'.

In this world of increasing 'inclusiveness', don't forget to include Vegans into your concepts too. Vegan cocktails are not hard to make - just replace any animal products such as honey, cow's milk and eggs with Vegan friendly alternatives like soy milk, almond milk and sugar cane.

Here's one of the 'gotchas' - generic wine isn't always Vegan friendly. According to a Vegan expert "The problem is that many wineries add what are called 'fining agents' like Albumin and gelatin to their wines during the fermentation process. While these agents may be acceptable for vegetarians, if you are keeping a vegan diet you definitely don't want to consume them." said Julia Ott, co-founder of Vegan IO.

Vegan Friendly Beer

It wouldn't be a complete list without beer. So here is a link to a list of beers which are Vegan compliant Barnivore.

Low-Calorie Cocktails

Most calories in cocktails are from the sugars present. The sugar may come from fruit juice, cream, or syrup. An average 220ml cocktail contains around 7.25 teaspoons of sugar. Even worse news for Sex on the beach fans - an average Sex on the Beach cocktail serving is around 425ml and contains approximately 12 teaspoons of sugar.

Low-calorie cocktails will be more in demand as we ride this wellness wave. That doesn't mean that you are limited to standards like Vodka Soda or Gin and Tonic. Some cocktails such as Kir Royale (my favorite) has only 104 calories, while Ginger Kombucha cocktails have around 103 calories. Kombucha also makes a great mixer.

Drinking isn't what many might consider a 'healthy' activity, so anything that can make drinking 'less unhealthy' or better for your health has to be a good thing - And remember, if you drink, don't drive!

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