"It's been an adventure, from arriving with three suitcases and a cat to opening a hotel amidst Covid."

In three electrifying years, the dynamic duo ‘ Patrick Both’ the General Manager and ‘ Shane Jameson, Cluster Director of Sales & Marketing at the helm of Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok has woven a narrative of unparalleled service, transforming it into the best hotel experience in the heart of Thailand. Their synergy is the cornerstone of Kimpton's vibrant journey, celebrating a tapestry of local flair and innovation.

In honor of Kimpton's 3rd anniversary, we're excited to feature Patrick and Shane, offering a glimpse into the hotel's future and their insights in this special edition celebration.

The Dynamic Duo at the Kimpton Library

Hotelintel.co: What's the next big thing for Kimpton?

Patrick: We're excited to evolve our successful Chili Fest into Chili Fest 2.0. There are also enhancements in the pipeline for Bar.Yard and Ms. Jigger, along with some exciting new additions to the Hotel.

Shane: We're taking a fresh approach with our coffee offerings and focusing on our roots with locally loved activations. We're also polishing some hidden gems into Ruby's.

Patrick: We're not stopping there—culinary advancements are coming to the Maa-Lai Library, and we're amplifying our efforts in that area. Everything is a big deal for us; we don't do things halfway.

Shane: Absolutely, and there's nothing small about our boss—he's 6'4"!

Hotelintel.co: How do you maintain high brand awareness?

Shane: Our strategy is to remain agile and humble. We're always refining our offerings to align with market preferences and recognizing when it’s time for change. We don't rest on our laurels.

Patrick: Visibility is key. We're thankful for the customer-voted awards we've won and avoid any that require payment. Customer feedback drives our brand momentum and motivates our team. Expansion is also on the horizon with new locations across Thailand, indicating the country’s love for Kimpton.

Shane: For many of our Thai fans, it all started with Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok.

Patrick and Shane at The amaranth spa

H: How has the dynamic been between you two over the past three years?

Patrick: It feels like it's been longer, but yes, three years. Hiring Shane was a gamble due to our traditional backgrounds, but we needed a fresh approach to make an impact on Bangkok's hotel scene.

Shane: It's been an adventure, from arriving with three suitcases and a cat to opening a hotel amidst Covid. Trust is fundamental in our partnership. Despite coming from a different region, Patrick gave me a chance, and I’ve fallen in love with Bangkok and the Thai people.

Patrick: Trust is indeed essential. Shane always puts the hotel, his team, and the customers first. He's a natural leader.

Shane: Thanks, though that felt a bit paternal. But seriously, part of being on this team means being proactive, having ideas, and being willing to adapt.

Patrick: I've learned that leading a team with such strong personalities means channeling their energy effectively.

H: What qualities do you look for in someone who wants to join the Kimpton team?

Patrick: We seek non-traditionalists with energy, a positive attitude, and a thirst for learning. Driving is non-negotiable, as is common sense.

Shane: We want people who are competitive yet genuine. Kimpton celebrates individuality and the unique strengths each person brings.

Patrick: Absolutely, it's about the freedom to be yourself.

Shane: Choosing Kimpton is choosing a lifestyle. I’ve made my choice.

As we raise a glass to Kimpton's third year of exceptional hospitality, we leave you with the inspiring visions of Patrick and Shane. Their passion and drive are the heartbeat of the hotel, promising a future as bright and innovative as the journey has been so far. Here's to many more years of Kimpton leading the way in creating memorable experiences and defining what it means to stay in style.

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