In the vibrant heart of Bangkok, the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok is creating a buzz with its introduction of two gastronomic celebrations that promise to elevate the city's dining scene. The 27 Bites Brasserie has become the newest gourmet destination, with Fridays and Sundays reserved for indulgent feasts that cater to the discerning palates of food aficionados and families alike.

Friday's Oceanic Feast

Friday nights at the Radisson Blu are an affair to remember, thanks to the Seafood Night Buffet. A cornucopia of the ocean's finest treasures awaits guests, offering a sublime journey through the tastes of the sea. Each dish is a testament to the chefs' artistry, with selections ranging from the silkiness of fresh oysters to the robust flavors of Alaskan king crab. The buffet is not just a meal but a multisensory experience, set against the backdrop of the brasserie's contemporary elegance. It's an ideal venue for any occasion, whether it's a romantic rendezvous, a family celebration, or an evening of camaraderie with friends.

Sunday's Family Retreat

Come Sunday, the Sparkling Family Brunch takes center stage, transforming the 27 Bites Brasserie into a haven of culinary delight. It's a day where international flavors meet local gastronomy, all complemented by the effervescence of free-flowing sparkling wine. Adults can revel in the luxury of a half-lobster serving, while non-alcoholic refreshments cater to all guests. In true Radisson Blu fashion, the experience transcends the dining table, offering poolside relaxation for a leisurely escape from the urban flurry. Families are especially welcomed, with special considerations for the youngest gourmands, making it a day where indulgence and familial joy are served in equal measure.

Both the Seafood Night Buffet and the Sparkling Family Brunch reflect Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok's dedication to crafting moments of culinary bliss. The quality and variety of the offerings are matched only by the value, ensuring that every visit is both a discovery and a homecoming.

For reservations or inquiries, contact the Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok. Embark on these weekly culinary voyages and let your taste buds set sail.