The Topeja Study Tour, through its focused and engaging itinerary, demonstrated the power of experiential learning and cultural exchange.

In the vibrant world of hospitality, the Topeja Study Tour stands as a beacon of continuous learning and cultural exchange. This unique initiative, founded by Thommy Beckner, a passionate advocate of Asian hospitality, has been bridging the gap between Swedish hotel owners and designers and the rich, diverse offerings of Asia for over two decades.

The tour, which began as Thommy’s singular journey of discovery, has evolved into an annual pilgrimage for industry professionals, seeking to imbibe and learn from the dynamic and varied Asian hospitality sector. This year's edition, hosted by, presented an immersive five-day program in Thailand, a country renowned for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage.

The experience kicked off with a cultural workshop, designed not only to introduce but to deeply engage the participants with the local customs and practices that shape Thai hospitality. It was an opportunity for the Swedish delegates to delve into the nuances that make Thai service stand out on the global stage.

A key highlight of the tour was the exploration of Thailand's culinary landscape, aptly titled "What Thais Really Eat and Cook." This segment went beyond the typical tourist experience, offering a genuine taste of local flavors and cooking techniques. The participants discovered the diversity and complexity of Thai cuisine, understanding why it holds a special place in the world of gastronomy.

The group's adventure in Bangkok included a visit to the luxurious The Siam Hotel, known for its elegant charm and rich history. They also explored the newly opened boutique hotel, The Salil Riverside, which offered a unique blend of modern luxury and traditional Thai culture. For culinary delights, they dined at the two Michelin-starred restaurant 'R-HAAN', indulging in exquisite Thai cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds with its authentic flavors and innovative presentation. The night was far from over as they immersed themselves in Bangkok's vibrant nightlife, tasting innovative cocktails at Lost in Thaistlation and enjoying the lively atmosphere of Playroom, a popular local hangout."

The heart of the Topeja Study Tour lay in the workshop with veteran Thai hoteliers. This exchange of knowledge and experience was invaluable, offering insights into the successes and challenges of the hospitality industry in Thailand. The Swedish delegates learned about the dynamic nature of the food and beverage (F&B) scene in Bangkok, where loyalty to establishments is fleeting, and the landscape of bars and restaurants is ever-changing.

This revelation highlighted the need for constant innovation and adaptation in the hospitality industry, a lesson that resonates across global markets. The Swedish hotel owners and designers left with not just memories but valuable lessons and ideas that could be applied in their establishments back home.

The Topeja Study Tour, through its focused and engaging itinerary, demonstrated the power of experiential learning and cultural exchange. Thommy Beckner's vision of bringing together professionals from different corners of the world to learn and grow together was realized in a spectacular fashion, setting the stage for future explorations and discoveries in the ever-evolving realm of hospitality.