Paul Matthew Wiste
Designer, traveler, and writer, Paul Matthew Wiste is one of Asia's foremost luxury hospitality design experts. As Principal of Design Assembly Consultants, his portfolio is active in Asia and Europe
Six Foundations Unite to Build Unique Hotel
Hotel Operations
Having worked for owners, operators, and designers of luxury hotels and resorts, I find that each has their own distinct take on what constitutes a unique hotel. Here we will focus on the
Post Covid-19 Hospitality Design - Begin with Back-of-House
Once a vaccine is available and tourists take their first delicate steps back into travel, the physiological effects of the pandemic will ripple through hospitality design. At first these will be amplified and
The Dark Art of Hotel Lighting Design
Star-chitects but no Lighting GodsThere comes a moment in every project when the appointment of the Lighting Designer comes up. It’s usually an awkward moment when the appointment is announced to the

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