Promads are not defined by age, gender, or income  

Promads or 'Progressive Nomads', is a classification of travelers who believe that they are not defined by material things. They have always existed but their impact on the industry is now growing. ^[1]^

They see themselves as contributors, not just consumers. One of our interviewees told us that he travels around the country just to visit cafés - not solely to experience the different coffee shops per se, but he also goes to learn about coffee beans and coffee producers, and he likes to exchange knowledge along the way.

Promads want experiences and want brands that reflect these same mindsets.

Promads are Mindful, Purposeful Travelers

One common factor that connects a high proportion of Promads is that they care about the environment - 77% say that environmental concerns affect their travel decisions, and 81% say that they would prefer to stay in eco-friendly accommodations.

Promads travel with purpose - that may be to learn new skills, adopt a new mindset, or transform themselves. For me now, I see traveling as part of my daughter's development. I would like to go where it can contribute to our development and growth; it may come in the form of an educational kids' club in a hotel, outdoor activities, or even traveling to learning centers of some sort.

Promads Don't Do 'Mass'

Travel for Promads is all about individual experiences - not mass tourism. Leading the way, NZ Tourism just launched a campaign to tell tourists to stop copying each other's photos, and instead to go discover other places in NZ.

This is what Promads want. They want to see diversity.

Promads Don't Trust Social Media

According to 56% of people know very well that social media isn't an authentic source of travel information. So, they place their trust in their close friends and other people who have earned their trust.

It's important to note that they are still on social media, but when it comes to 'being influenced', it's more in the form of Direct Messaging, Private Messaging or Group Chats; like sitting around a campfire amongst close and trusted friends.

To summarize: Promads are not defined by age, gender, or income - instead it's a mindset. They avoid over touristed places and they seek out authenticity.

They travel with purpose. They still use Social Media but they don't trust what they see unless it's from their inner circle.

For all of us who want to target Promads, the question is not what and where they want to travel to, But rather how and why..

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