If you have breasts you will know how sensitive they can be. And if you don’t have breasts, you’ll just have to imagine how sensitive they are. Breasts are made of layers of tissue, fat, and nerves. They are tender and should be handled with care.

After the Hotelintel Morning Brief in Melbourne, I spent my last day in Melbourne at the Sexpo for educational purposes – and education is what I found. Among other things at Sexpo, this Mamma Guard pillow caught my attention. It is designed to help women when having a massage – which is a wonderful idea because every time I have a massage one of the most uncomfortable aspects is having my breasts squished against the bed.

You might remember when spa beds didn’t have a cutout hole for your face, so you had to twist your head left or right to the side. Then when they finally did invent the hole so you could lie face down in comfort, the edge of the hole still hurts your face so a lot of spas end up having layers of towels covering it so you don’t leave with a circle imprinted on your face (happened to me before). Well now you can also invest in a proper Breast Recess Massage bed that is designed for female comfort.

After posting some photos of this Mamma Guard pillow a lot of my female friends and colleagues were quick to agree that this should be offered at every spa. This is nothing involving high technology or innovation – it’s just pure common sense. Spas are supposed to offer relaxation and comfort, so imagine the outcome if you could offer greater comfort to one of the most sensitive parts of the female body? Wouldn’t that give you a few extra points from your guests? And maybe encourage them to spend even longer in your spa?