Cabin crew, prepare for landing! No matter where we land, we must be ready for an impact. And this is yet another article about Covid-19 for when it’s over.

I have asked Giovanni Angelini to help contribute to this article in the hope that together we will be ready to take back our city.

“A starting point will be to get the whole travel and tourism industry working as a team to promote the destination; tourist office/government, airlines, hotels, agents, retailers who cater to tourism, and others. Go out with a strong offer for 3 months but don’t let the government drive it as it must be someone who understands tourism and has a good vision,” Giovanni began.

Here are a few things we gathered for you:

  • The country needs a better market mix and visitors who stay longer. Can the country shoot for an average of 6 nights per stay?
  • Get a facelift - any improved physical products, facilities, attractions, activities that can be part of the promotion?
  • Eggs in every market? - Clarity on what type of clientele and source of business that the country/destination wants to attract. The plan should also reposition the country/destination for the long term.
  • Come up with an attractive promotion plan and activities that can meet the immediate or short term needs, let's say 3 months, with very attractive offer packages with an element of providing some free services by the whole united industry. After such unusual difficulties/experiences and losses of business and of jobs, the attitudes toward tourism in general and to the visitor, in particular, must be improved and be part of the promotion.
  • Clarity on the competitive advantage of the country/destination as compared with direct competitors, and this must be a big part of the welcome-back promotional activities.
  • Work closely with the national tourism bureau and tourism authority boards, and local government.
  • Work closely with local suppliers, artists, and local influencers to promote your destination.
  • Educate yourself - take this time to take courses online. Digital marketing online, business writing, copywriting, negotiation courses, human resources, or even a crisis management course.

Now that everyone is busy handling the crisis you must also be busy preparing for when it’s over.

“A recovery plan is of the utmost importance and must be finalized ASAP (during the crisis) and be ready for when the situation improves. You cannot waste time when things improve,” Giovanni added.

Do share with us your recovery plans. Don’t keep it a secret as we must move forward together.