Air travel in Thailand is currently starting to pick up and is becoming lively once again with the adjustment to the ‘New Normal’ that is a result of adhering to international guidelines in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Upon entering the terminal through limited designated points of entry at Suvarnabhumi Airport, every passenger, as well as staff member, must wear a face mask and get their body temperature checked.

To minimise contact with staff, passengers are recommended to check-in online and print out their own boarding passes. Social distancing must be practiced, as part of the new normal, whether at the seating areas or the check-in counters.

The Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited takes hygiene and cleanliness very seriously. Staff conduct deep cleaning even more frequently around the clock with a special emphasis on areas and surfaces prone to infection such as, toilets, lifts, escalator handrails, seats and waiting areas, as well as small luggage and shoe trays, trolleys.

Hand sanitising gel is available all around the airport and passengers can also board with their own sanitiser in containers no bigger than 350 millitres or 12 ounces per container, with the total maximum amount carried not exceeding 1,000 millitres or approximately 34 ounces per passenger. All containers must be properly and clearly labelled.

These ‘New Normal’ measures are applicable to all services throughout the airport. Everyone must wear a face mask at all times, and no food or beverages may be served throughout the flight.

Don Mueang International Airport and other airports throughout the kingdom are also welcoming an increasing number of passengers, all the while implementing the aforementioned ‘New Normal’ guidelines. Stores and restaurants in the airports are also open, and they are also operating in compliance with the New Normal guidelines as well.  These measures have been put in place in order to contain the spread of the virus and increase passenger confidence when it comes time to fly.

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