Ever thought about how to engage with guests in a more contemporary way?

Meet Moomenti, a fresh face in the booking world that's hitting all the right notes with today's digitally savvy consumers. It's not just about booking; it's about embracing a lifestyle that blends modernity, trendiness, and a new perspective on luxury, where it's more than just lavishness and tradition.

At the helm is Robert Recupero, a globe-trotter with a history at JP Morgan, steering Moomenti towards making luxury more accessible, fun, and inspiring. This platform is designed to spark the desire for impromptu, extraordinary experiences with friends or loved ones.

Ever thought about how to engage with guests in a more contemporary way? Moomenti's platform opens doors to exclusive hotel amenities and services without the need for an overnight stay. It's about offering special access to experiences and venues, not just discounts.

Picture giving visitors the chance to indulge in a spa day, enjoy a game of tennis, experience a rooftop event, or relax by the pool for the afternoon. Moomenti is about making these luxury moments easy to grasp with just a click.

Launched in Switzerland in 2023 and backed by Swiss Deluxe Hotels and luxury brands like Fairmont Monte Carlo, InterContinental Geneva, and Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok to name a few. Moomenti is redefining the 'daycation' by offering curated experiences that go beyond standard coupons and day passes.

Moomenti targets a unique group of non-staying guests, offering hoteliers and spa managers a platform that's seamless to use, connecting to major spa booking systems without the need for daily upkeep. It's an avenue to enhance visibility and desirability for your brand, inviting guests to revel in 'luxury moments' and driving revenue.

With a focus on local boutique hotels, Moomenti aims to boost traffic in quieter times through precise digital marketing and local promotions, setting your brand apart and meeting the evolving expectations of a younger audience, with 65% of users under 35.

And the cherry on top? Joining is completely free. Whether your audience is made up of discerning travelers or locals craving a taste of luxury, Moomenti is ready to redefine their experience.

Find out more at www.moomenti.com and be part of reshaping the hospitality scene.