We are living in a very fast based environment and detailed listening skills, showing empathy, engagement and patience are all essential

Dieter Ruckenbauer, is a native of Austria and started his professional career as a trainee manager at the Salt Lake City Marriott. Deciding that a career in Hospitality and F&B was for him, he continued on to the JW Marriott Hong Kong and worked in the capacity of restaurant chef.

His journey as a chef skyrocketed when he became Executive Chef at the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, and later transferred to the JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok where he worked in the same capacity. Taking the plunge even further into hospitality management, in 20210 Dieter returned to the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel as Resident Manager.

Dieter is currently the General Manager of Vana Belle, a Luxury Collection Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand. Amongst the awards that the resort achieved No. 1 ranking against all of the other Luxury Collection hotels in Asia Pacific based on Guest Intention to Recommend / Customer Satisfaction Index.

What do you Like Most about Being a Hotelier?

It is that we're in an ever changing workplace. The excitement of coming to work on a daily basis and meeting new people, telling and hearing incredible stories; being there for people in order to learn more about them, surprising and delighting them on their journey in order for them to collect as many memorable moments as possible.

How has Luxury Changed? What are the things your Guests Look for when it Comes to having a Luxury Experience?

Luxury is a big word that went through a kind of transformation - in my opinion. Many guests today connect to the word "luxury" with the element of service: attention to detail, personalization and unexpected surprises. Personal engagement - in particular listening skills in order to tailor the experience to each individual in order to curate unforgettable moments is also critical. They need to discover and learn something new, or see something that they have not yet experienced.

Are there any Differences Between Managing a Team at a Luxury Resort compared to a Non-Luxury Property?

There are indeed a number of differences. Providing luxury is not a transactional process, it is personal and looks to provide personalization, storytelling and knowing and looking after the finer details, which are all important to set the scene for the property and address the basic needs of each individual guest. This has been the foundation of luxury for hundreds of years and I'm sure will still continue on like this.

What Skill-set do Frontline Staff need to Develop and / or Improve if they're to Deliver Excellent Service?

We are living in a very fast based environment and detailed listening skills, showing empathy, engagement and patience are all essential.

Visit Dieter Ruckenbauer at Vana Belle, a Luxury Collection Resort.