One could write a book on advices to an aspiring Chef… but here a few important ones.

Meet Chef Vincenzo Gatti, the culinary maestro behind Andaz Pattaya Jomtien Beach's diverse dining offerings. With a career spanning two decades and kitchens across Europe and Asia, Chef Vincenzo's journey began in Italy before taking him to renowned restaurants in Germany, the UAE, China, and South Korea, ultimately leading him to Thailand in 2019.

As the resort's Executive Chef, Chef Vincenzo leads a talented culinary team, overseeing six distinct F&B concepts. From the vibrant flavors of Thai and Asian cuisine at Wok Wok to the authentic Italian delights at La Cucina, each dining experience reflects his diverse culinary repertoire. Join us in celebrating Chef Vincenzo Gatti, our Chef of the Month, and discover the culinary excellence that defines Andaz Pattaya Jomtien Beach's vibrant dining scene.

What inspired you to pursue a career as a Chef?

As for all the important things in my life, I believe it was fate. Fact is, in the beginning, I had no idea I was stepping into a completely new world, a world I would fall in love with and never want to go back.

What always inspired me the most was the people I worked with. The Chefs drive, passion, constant & relentless pursuit of improvement. Something that always resonated with me since my early days in the kitchens, and I knew I had to find it in me to have the same desire, if I wanted to keep growing and move forward.

Today, I am grateful to be part of the Hyatt family for over 8 years, a company famous for its unparalleled focus on Food & Beverage offering and experiences, providing great inspiration and tools from its F&B Leaders in this everchanging industry, and the freedom to express oneself, in order to keep growing and developing personally and professionally.

Even before stepping into cooking school and in the first professional kitchens, I had the fortune to grow in the south of Italy, in a family and community with a strong food culture. I remember the time and efforts my family spent in the kitchen preparing meals even as simple as a Sunday Lunch. Not to mention when big celebrations like Christmas, New Year, Easter would come up.

I still have very vivid memories of me waking up to the aromas of the food being prepared, and the stories that were told around the dining table.

I believe that was my first inspiration and that convivial atmosphere is still what I try to recreate for guests dining with us at Andaz Pattaya.

You have cooked in some of the top kitchens across Europe, Middle East and Asia. How have these varied culinary environments shaped your cooking style and philosophy?

Traveling and experiencing different food cultures opens a Chef’s mind in so many ways.

It was important for me to go around and see different styles, ingredients, different ways of treating them. This has definitely shaped the way I look at food now.

I’ve learned during my time in Europe the importance of precision and techniques in sourcing, preparing & cooking proteins and sauces. No other place in the world places so much importance in the small details that go into these. Probably with the only exception of Sashimi making in Japan.

In Middle East & Asia then, I’ve discovered a different way of using vegetables, spices & soups to complement and harmonize a meal.

Bread is present in all food cultures in the world, in different ways and forms it’s been a mean of sustenance for most cultures, together with rice. It is the epitome of comfort and needs to be given the importance it deserves.

For me, coming from a very strong food culture, it was vital to move away from my comfort zone and measure myself with different views and styles.

I’ve always been lucky to work in places with great food cultures, from Italy to Dubai, China, Korea & Thailand.

Today, I believe creating good food is an act of love. It’s about researching and picking, as much as possible locally, the best ingredients the current season has to offer. Then the Chef’s job is knowing and respecting these ingredients, allowing those flavors to shine through by preparing and combining them as simply and harmoniously as possible.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” or as Hyatt puts it “Carefully Sourced, Thoughtfully Served”. This is what we strive for in every meal we serve at the Andaz Pattaya.

What is your signature dish at the resort, and what makes it special or representative of your culinary philosophy?

A signature experience at Andaz Pattaya is our Reinvented Afternoon Tea. It is particularly close to my heart as it has been created uniquely for our Ruen Thai tea house. Everything about it is a reflection of what we believe to be a great Afternoon Tea experience. It’s an interactive experience, combining elements of Western & Thai afternoon tea cultures. We use a custom-made Thai Tiffin made in chinaware & wood for serving it.

Food is served in courses as a set menu, in order to allow all to be freshly prepared and enjoyed. We change our menu seasonally, but ensure to keep the core concept intact.

It all begins with something refreshing and a bit unexpected as a welcome, then we get into the savory part of the experience, to finish with something sweetly unique.

We also serve pairing drinks with it, specialty coffees and teas, and guests can even go for the bubbly package if they choose to.

It is a great way of spending a relaxing afternoon in the premises of our luxury resort.

What has been the most challenging aspect of working in international kitchens, and conversely, what has been the most rewarding experience?

The most challenging part of our job is to understand, respect and embrace the culture of the people we work with and the place we are in. There is so much enrichment that comes from opening oneself to other cultures and believes. It’s important not to let your own believes blind you.

I have worked in kitchens and hotels, where we had as many as 20 different nationality workforce. I wish everyone had a chance to work in this kind of environment at least once in their life.

Its eye opening and heartwarming how a simple common goal, tolerance and empathy can create a bond within people with very different backgrounds.

Having the chance to work at the opening of Andaz Pattaya, building from scratch the whole F&B concepts, shaping the team, creating the menus & experiences, making a vision become reality, is almost like seeing your own child grow.

It was the most challenging and rewarding experience in my career as a Chef so far, for the dedication & commitment it takes to bring a new project to life and deliver on the expectation.

What advice would you give to aspiring chefs who wish to make a mark in the international culinary scene?

One could write a book on advices to an aspiring Chef… but here a few important ones.

Go work abroad as soon as having the chance. Leave the comforts of home and learn to count on yourself. Go test your limits, learn a new language, new styles, absorb different cultures, meet different people and listen to their stories.

You’ll take some hits and bouncing back will make you grow stronger.

Allow yourself to make mistakes, but never the same twice. Learning from it its key.

Keep a curious mind, there is always something to learn, unlearn and relearn. Its an endless process.

Specially at a young age, don’t look at the watch, don’t work for money, but look for learnings and growth. Work in places and with people who believe in you and help you develop & grow.

Be a sponge and be proactive in learning. Be always the best you can be, get comfortable being uncomfortable. Growing is not a comfortable process.

Stay up with trends and most importantly with new technologies. AI will radically transform this industry in the near future and general skills will be of less value. Specialization and creativity will be more and more in demand, so find what you’re really good at and specialize on that.

At some point along the way, to become a Chef, you will need to create your own style, find your own way. Cook food that tells your story, stay true to yourself. Be of generous spirit, it will show in your dishes. After we’re in hospitality, the business of exceeding guest expectations.

You’ll know you’re on the right way when it makes both your guests and yourself happy. Happy cooking!