How we build resilience and react are more important.

IGNIV Bangkok by Andreas Caminada opened at the St. Regis Bangkok in 2020, and despite the challenges associated with that particular period in all of our lives, a Michelin Star was to follow in 2022. That award was due in no small part to the efforts of Head Chef David Hartwig, a long-time associate of Andreas Caminada, who was a natural choice to take the reins when the first IGNIV outside Switzerland opened its doors. Modern Swiss cuisine is the theme of a menu which changes with the European seasons, as David seeks out the freshest artisanal produce to fuel his imagination and share with his guests.

What’s the inspiration behind the IGNIV menu?

I draw inspiration for the Autumn menu from my memories, including cherished home flavors and international adventures, especially in New York during autumn celebrations over Thanksgiving and Halloween. I think about ingredients I like to eat, my workplaces, my favorite food I ate and cooked, and locally available seasonal produce. I also take a few more points into consideration: the uniqueness of the menu and if it suits well with the IGNIV identity. This is then expressed through unique dishes and refined through discussions with my team.

What is your favorite dish on your menu?

In the Autumn menu, I prefer the Sea Bream with Tomatillo and Citrus as well as the Cucumber with Ponzu and Nori which I always eat.

What is your vision for IGNIV Bangkok?

My vision for IGNIV is to make this place a restaurant where our guests can relax, connect, and enjoy their quality time with their loved ones, as well as to be a workplace where we are proud of being an IGNIV team and share joyful moments and creativity together.

What are your challenges and how do you overcome them?

Life is full of challenges, both professionally and personally. I believe that challenges make us grow but we may not need to overcome them. How we build resilience and react are more important. I would rather learn from struggles and adapt myself to each circumstance with patience and compassion.

What can one expect when dining at IGNIV?

A good time provided by IGNIV’s team of passionate young professionals who care and take a lot of pride in what we do to make everyone’s experience unique and special. We might not be perfect, but we always intend to create an amazing experience.

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