Born in Laos, Martin Becquart grew up in the north of France, and has spent 25 years in the industry crafting cuisine that is heavily influenced by his passion for travel. The last eleven years have seen Martin serve in a number of leading branded hotels including IHG, HIlton, Hyatt, and Rosewood. Chef Martin is now an executive chef at Movenpick Jumeirah Beach, located on The Walk, Dubai.

What makes your food unique?

My food is not really unique but is inspired from my international experience, from many countries across the globe. All these experiences give me insights on the local products, and how the local cuisine should be prepared. My food is a reflection of my culinary experience throughout the world with a twist of my French background.

What’s your tip for making great meals?

Passion, generosity, good products, textures, flavors.

What are the challenges of being a chef today?

The chef’s job hasn’t really changed compared to before, but we now have to keep in mind social media, especially Instagram, which is a strong tool for chefs and our guests. We are more exposed than before and thus focus points are also about food presentation as well as personally being presentable, sociable, and sustainable in the way we cook.

What's the latest trend in Food & Beverage?

We see our industry changing with the world. Sustainability is a major concern for our guests, and they now pay more attention to their health with new trends such as gluten-free, vegetarianism, as well as offering an environmentally-friendly experience by focusing on the origin of the products and the traceability.

What’s your advice to young chefs today?

I would advise young chefs to be passionate, highly motivated, but also to accept failure because it leads to learning and experience. To make it, never give up even in the face of difficulty, and believe in your dream.