When it’s time to photograph architecture and interior design, fantasies are not an option

When we are asked to photograph the architecture and interior of a hotel or resort, we know we need to match the reality of what truly exists. These branded images may be used for marketing, be it for the architect, the interior designer, the lighting designer, or even the landscape architect, but with that said, reality is the focus.

Our challenge is to work with the hotel brands, the hotel owners, and of course the architects, interior designers, lighting designers, and landscape architects in developing a comprehensive set of images that represent their individual needs. For us, achieving a realistic perception of the architecture and space is a must. By adding some realistic details we can help bring the fantasy into view.

Take your time and find the magic

From symmetry to finding the best angle is key. Be it a hero shot, even down to the details, we work to make it work.

Presets or reality?

Most photographers use presets during the process of photographing through to the final stage of post-production, but that’s not for us! Instead, we try to find the best way to match the tones and mood of each space by using a color management system for each image. It’s a simple process and ensures the correct color every time. Then when we reach post-production we can do color grading and deal with any missing tones and contrast.

Making the final image speak of reality and fantasy is a hallmark. Adding our photography and post-production tricks of multiple layers taken from different times, and then blending them together will make for the results you need to showcase all of your reality and dreams. At the end of the day you need images which ensure that when a client is in the actual space, they know it is the same space they saw online or in a marketing brochure.

Reality always wins!

Don’t forget that fantasies are made up of realities that can be experienced, and memories are for a lifetime.