Bill Kimpton said 'A hotel should relieve travelers of their insecurity and loneliness. It should make them feel warm and cozy' - And Kimpton Kitalay without a doubt lives up to that promise.

Kimpton does 'lifestyle' very well, and despite the challenges to the industry the world over over the past couple of years, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants have done extremely well in opening across the Asia Pacific region. They've proven that they can not only cater to the needs of travelers, but also the locals - and Kimpton Kitalay Samui is a perfect example of this, where travelers, locals and local life all meld into something very special.

The property is Kimpton's first 'resort' opening in Southeast Asia; and despite having 138 rooms, suites and pool villas, every point of the experience there is warm, cozy and as the Danes like to say, 'hygge'.

Here is their recipe for making guests happy.

Kimpton Kitalay Feels like Home - It's Hyggelig

As I was settling into my room, I was sitting on the bed and right there on the nightstand was a book that had been placed there titled "The Little Book of Hygge". I had never heard of this term before, and I'm not sure whether the selection of that title was something intentional from the hotel's side - I suspect it is most likely pure coincidence, but learning this concept of 'hygge' helped me put a name to what I was feeling while staying there with them.

So what does 'Hygge' actually mean? If you are a Dane, I wouldn't have to explain - but for the rest of us, Hygge is that warm fuzzy feeling that you have when you are relaxed in your lounge room, with your favorite music, preferably by candlelight. To create a truly Hyggelig moment (pronounced 'hue-ga-li]'), the lighting needs to be at a temperature of around 1,800 K, which is the light temperature of that perfect sunset, or the glow from the wood burning in a fireplace. The olfactory element is also important - the smell needs to be just right and not overbearing. To make something hyggelig doesn't need a lot - it just needs to be done simply, but thoughtfully to make it 'just right'.

All rooms are spacious and designed to feel like 'home'. The beach front pool villa is also very Hyggelig; it's Zen, Cozy, Homey, with just the right amount of decoration, books, perfect warm lighting, and in the middle of all of this stands a single, tranquil tree. Yes, there is a tree standing in a semi-indoor stone garden that separates the bedroom from the bathroom 'quarters' - it is much more than just a 'bathroom'.

When was the last time you walked around naked between your lounge room and bathroom? You can't rarely do that in your own home, but you can do it here, and it's just so 'hygge'.

It Makes Everyone Comfortable.

The Kimpton brand is known for its generosity. It was designed as a brand inclusive of everyone - adults, kids and even pets.

Pets of any size can come and stay at the Kimpton Kitalay Samui Resort. Guests' pets can enjoy a beach walk with their owner and can even dine with their owners in an F&B outlet that has been specially designed with a 'pets' side as well as a side mindful of those with allergies or who would just prefer to dine without furry friends.

Kimpton have knocked it out of the park when it comes to catering for kids - there is a kids water-park, as well as a 500sqm, bi-level kids' club. The general greeting you hear between guests' kids at breakfast each morning is 'See you at Kids Club'. Kids Club here not only connects children at the resort together, but also their parents - catering to both families staying at the resort, as well as families from the local community who come and use the resort's facilities.

For those with no pets and no children, there are Kimpton's activities that you can join from Morning Kick Start, to a social hour. Although, I missed this social hour during my stay because I was busy at the Kids Club, and the Spa. I still felt that there was always something at the resort that could connect you with other people.

Food that Speaks to the Heart

As the name suggests 'Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants', Kimpton also does restaurants very well.

The resort offers five outlets where you can enjoy everything from premium Iberico Ham, Seafood Paella to Banana Peanut Butter Smoothies, Espresso Martinis and Kids' tacos.

Ridiculously Personalized

Getting the right balance of personalization is key when it comes to hospitality - personalization is great while hyperpersonalization is creepy. There is a line between paying attention to a guest's needs and invading one's privacy. Guests don't like to be suffocated.

Kimpton Kitalay Resort does just the right amount of personalization. They might go to the extreme for other guests but knowing me, they know that I like to have a little bit of space and a lot of Espresso Martini for me can fix anything.

Everything was well-thought out when it came to service offerings, from the opening hours for breakfast to the closing hours of kids club.

Whether you an introvert, an extrovert, an omnivert, or ambivert, single or not, children or pets, or both, you will feel right at home here if you're looking to enjoy a 'lifestyle' experience - I really felt like the place was my home while I was there, and everything about it just made me feel, good, warm and 'hygge'.Visit  Kimpton Kitalay Samui