"I’m in several public hotel forums (Facebook groups) just to see what others have to say about us"

Pimpisa Chirathivat Phornprapha is Corporate Director of Design and Technical Services at Centara Hotels & Resorts, she took the vision of building a new luxury brand that was held by the group, ran with it, and made it a reality.

In her role, Pimpisa is responsible for bringing the brand's luxury vision to life through her involvement in architecture, design, brand identity, customer experience, and awareness. With her unique background in architecture and a degree in Entrepreneurship from London, not to mention having grown up in hotels - she is a hotelier by blood, she is the perfect blend of creativity and business acumen to deliver exceptional results.

The story of Centera Reserve started from the idea that the ‘Centara Grand Samui’ needed renovation - a beautiful property with a 280m long beach front on a quiet and prestigious beach on Samui Island.

We had this plan of building a new kind of luxury hotel to add into our portfolio. Centara Grand Samui was getting ready for renovations so it seemed like the natural next step to elevate it further to our new luxury concept”, said Pimpisa.

What is the new luxury concept I asked? Pimpisa explained that Centara Reserve Samui caters to those who enjoy a modern lifestyle, and love to indulge in art and design. You won’t find the traditionally ‘Thai’ elegance of Thai elephants, or Thai architecture, or Thai woodwork as part of this brand. What you will experience is ‘design’ that works well for everyone regardless of race, gender or age.

Another highlight Pimpisa added was ‘space’ “You will feel the space and how it has an impact on your experience the moment you step foot into the property. Every space has a purpose that can be interpreted in your own special way”.

And, we have the best breakfast,” she added with a big smile when I continued to ask why someone would pick Centara Reserve Samui over other luxury properties on the same Island.

Personalization is key. No one day is like the other at Centara Reserve Samui. You are special to us and we want to make you feel that way. Every day, we will find a way to surprise you with something or other that we prepare just for you. Sometimes big, sometimes small - what’s important is that it has been prepared to be special for you”.  

Another luxury that we provide for you is time - our 24-hour check-in allows you to check-in and out whenever it suits you.” she elaborated.

Pimpisa also said that she’s very hands-on when it comes to service. “I’m in several public hotel forums (Facebook groups) just to see what others have to say about us, as well as listen to what they have to say about our competitors. When I read something that I think we could do better and improve, I would share with my team immediately. I always want to improve and make the experience better for everyone

Centara Reserve Samui has received a lot of positive feedback from guests and has stirred a lot of media buzz.

So what plans does Centara Reserve have in the pipeline? Pimpisa said that she wanted to see her brand become like one of those global luxury brands that we all know …  but even better.

It's clear that Pimpisa Chirathivat Phornprapha is the visionary behind Centara Reserve, and with her expert leadership, the new luxury brand is off to a roaring success. Pimpisa's unique combination of creativity and business acumen has delivered an exceptional guest experience at Centara Reserve Samui, with a focus on personalization and surprise touches that make guests feel special. The property has already received an abundance of positive feedback, and Pimpisa's ambitions for the brand extend beyond the current property to become a globally recognized luxury brand. With her unwavering commitment to service excellence and guest satisfaction, we can't wait to see what the future holds for Centara Reserve under Pimpisa's leadership.