As part of Standard International's expansion plans, The StandardX aims to bring its unique brand of hospitality to various global destinations.

In a world where change is the only constant, The Standard has emerged as a beacon of transformation in the hospitality industry. This pioneer of lifestyle hotels has carved a unique path with its rich history of initiating cultural shifts while providing unforgettable hospitality experiences in illustrious locations such as New York, Miami, London, and Bangkok. The Standard extends its unique flair to trendy locations like Hua Hin, Ibiza, and the Maldives, constantly reinventing itself.

The latest exciting addition to this dynamic portfolio is The StandardX, set to open its doors in Melbourne in February 2024. Standard International brings this new hotel concept as a tribute to The Standard's youthful origins. The Standard, Hollywood, set the stage 25 years ago on the Sunset Strip as a hotspot for young Hollywood, combining a playful atmosphere with the allure of a legendary nightclub. This ethos of bold and unconventional ideas, like 'The Box' living art installation, has been the foundation of The Standard's appeal.

Fast forward to the present, The StandardX embodies this spirit, infusing a sense of daring freshness into the classic Standard experience. It's a blend of the brand's iconic quirks and a modern, no-frills approach to travel. The StandardX is the embodiment of an X-Factor – an undefined but palpable energy that comes from encountering the unexpected.

Situated in Fitzroy, Melbourne, The StandardX is immersed in a neighborhood rich in culture, once a cradle for avant-garde art and music movements. Its design, crafted by the Melbourne interior design firm Hecker Guthrie, reflects this heritage in its 125 rooms and public spaces. The hotel's aesthetic marries the Standard’s classic style with Fitzroy's spirited past, featuring local artistic contributions and a contemporary, streamlined look.

The hotel's room categories, from the cozy Cozy King to the spacious Suite Spot, emphasize essential comfort without unnecessary extras. The interior decor, including a mix of custom furniture, antique pieces, and artworks from local talents, resonates with Melbourne's creative vibrancy.

Culinary experiences at The StandardX promise to be memorable, with unique food and beverage concepts. The Roof, an exclusive retreat for hotel guests, offers a dining experience with panoramic views of Fitzroy and Melbourne. The menu, inspired by Mercado Medellin's flavors, is crafted by Executive Chef Justin Dingle-Garciyya. BANG, the all-day Thai diner, brings a fusion of bold street flavors and culinary techniques, while Box offers a blend of everyday essentials and indulgences for on-the-go or in-room enjoyment.

As part of Standard International's expansion plans, The StandardX aims to bring its unique brand of hospitality to various global destinations. For more information about The StandardX and its specific offerings in Melbourne, you can visit their website here