The CEO of Lebua hotel group, Deepak Ohri, has joined the World Happiness Foundation as a board member, and takes on the additional responsibility of CHO for Lebua. After experiencing the rough patch that was the past two years of the pandemic, it was inevitable that it was going to take a toll on people's mental and physical health. But as the tourism industry slowly makes its comeback, putting happy employees back to work in the industry is a priority.

Ironically, in order to have happy employees, the customer too needs to be satisfied, and in order for the customer to be satisfied, the employee needs to be delivering superior service. He believes that both factors are interdependent.  

This happy endeavor brings a happy and healthy workplace where we all thrive and succeed,” he explained.

We have experienced the worst possible situation in the last two years that has reshaped our professional  and personal lives. We all have suffered, and many of us are in silence, hoping for better times to come. We  witnessed many disappointments and failures. We also observed many discoveries derived from the  necessity and many successes of the ones who tried to adapt and help humanity. In the last two years, we  also heard the one word that was not given the importance it deserves. That word is happiness. It is a simple  word that doesn't see any barriers between rich and poor or countries or cultures, a term that stands for  inclusiveness and embraces diversity. It is a word that is equally available to all of us but can be expressed  and experienced in so many ways. We all derive from happiness something unique. We choose how happy  we want to be”, said Deepak.

Deepak realizes that everyone’s happiness is different and is measured on various scales. The happiness index shouldn’t be measured by taking a vague survey.

We know that  everyone has different dreams and goals. We need to build a happy environment where we all can thrive.  Happiness brings untangle value to our organization. We will measure our happiness with a  multidimensional approach. Many employees try to hide their real feelings in front of the managers, so we  will measure the happiness of our employee families.

As the CEO and the CHO of Lebua, my commitment is to drive this new process of  spreading happiness, which is a part of our strategy for the next two years,” he continued.
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