With 88% of respondents ranking exploring local and traditional food and beverages as their top priority when planning travel for 2024.

Hilton Research has identified a new generation of Asian travelers known as the 'GenerAsian' traveler, who are driven by a desire to better understand their cultural and ancestral heritage through travel. This emerging trend is highlighted in Hilton's 2024 Trends Report, which explores the changing landscape of travel.

The research reveals that 83% of Asian travelers take pride in the increasing popularity of their home countries as travel destinations. Additionally, 77% of Asian travelers are seeking to deepen their connection to their heritage through travel experiences. The link between culture and cuisine is evident, with 88% of respondents ranking exploring local and traditional food and beverages as their top priority when planning travel for 2024.

This phenomenon is attributed to globalization, where Asia is gaining increased international exposure through pop culture and social media. There is also a surge in representation of Asian culture, food, and design in various industries, including Hollywood films and globally recognized restaurants.

The desire for cultural and gastronomic experiences is a top priority for Asian travelers, with 84% looking to understand the history and heritage of their destination and 78% wanting to connect with the local community for more authentic experiences. This passion for food is consistent across multiple Asian markets, with China, India, Japan, and Singapore all ranking culinary experiences as their top budget priority for travel in the coming year.

To support their travel aspirations, a higher percentage of Asian consumers are cutting back on other expenses to allocate more to travel, with 82% of Indians, 74% of Chinese, and 74% of Singaporeans planning to increase their travel spending in 2024.

Hilton aims to cater to the evolving preferences of these GenerAsian travelers by providing tailored experiences that allow them to fully immerse themselves in their chosen destinations. The report also delves into the travel preferences of various generations and identifies four key themes that will shape travel in 2024: a focus on quality sleep, the importance of online booking and personalization, a growing emphasis on culture and experiences, and the blurring of business and leisure travel.

The research, which includes both qualitative and quantitative methods, is part of Hilton's ongoing effort to understand and adapt to changing travel trends. Hilton's 2024 Trends Report provides a comprehensive view of the evolving travel landscape, with the GenerAsian traveler representing a significant and growing segment of the travel market.