The opening of Kimpton's flagship property in Bangkok is one of the most anticipated new brand openings in Asia. This new kid in town is looking to make a mark here, and as a way to tease the market, they've jumped on the bandwagon - literally, and will be officially taking part in one of the hottest music festivals in Asia - 'Wonderfruit'. .

Known to promote sustainability and bring the global community together through music and art, Wonderfruit is the perfect choice for Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok to launch its first public activity to give the market a little taste of what's in store - many of those attending Wonderfruit could safely fall into the demographic that Kimpton is after.

Kimpton brand pillars consist of food, drink, art, fashion, music and sustainability, which is a perfect match with what Wonderfruit is about.

The hotel's General Manager Patrick Both said - "There are a lot of brand alliances. One big part of Wonderfruit is the music. Kimpton also has a program called Off The Record where people will get to have an intimate experience. There will be different musicians come into the property and into this cool setting. They will be able to play in front of a small crowd - music plays a very big role."

"Another brand pillar from Wonderfruit is art. The art that is in Kimpton is carefully curated throughout the property and its fits the essence of wellness, adventure, or even discovery. Discovery is something that we have a lot in the property as well, starting from the materials that we use. As soon as you enter the lobby, you get to see different items, artifacts, and art, which offers you that experience of discovery."

"We also have things to accommodate with families too. This is one of the pillars in which we are the strongest in. This hotel carries a hip and cool vibe to it, and we are also known to carry a huge selection of food on our menus, whose ingredients come from local suppliers. Our menus use a lot of local produce, which really fits with the overall theme of the hotel."

Pet Friendly

Another thing is Pets are family too. And at Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok as long as the pets can fit into the elevator, they are allowed to come and stay

"Another big factor for us is sustainability. Wonderfruit is all about sustainability, for example, everyone will be encouraged to buy cups that are made out of sustainable materials, or bring their own cups. We are absolutely plastic free. Our amenities like our toothbrushes are made out of cornstarch. Everything that would usually use plastic is replaced with cornstarch. Espresso machines will have aluminum cups, and that aluminum will have been chosen from environmentally sensitive places and will be in the future, disposed of in a way that ensures that they will be used for charitable purposes. Food waste goes to areas that are less fortunate in Thailand." said Patrick.

This really demonstrates what Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok is all about. While ethical tourism is being discussed everywhere only little is being done.

Glamping Kimpton Style at Wonderfruit

At Wonderfruit, guests who choose to reside at the boutique camping facility, will get to experience Kimpton Ma-Lai Bangkok boutique services which include check-in & check-out, amenities, pick up and drop off, morning kick-start and evening social hour.

The hotel aims to open in April 2020. Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok has a lot in store for its guests, with five food & beverage outlets which truly offer something that others haven't done before.

A Kitchen Where Guests can Cook

"At Stock Room which is an interactive marketing place where if a guest wanted a specific dish, they can write down a list of ingredients and we can buy and provide the produce for them. If they wanted to, they can also cook at the chef's counter for their guests, or obviously we can provide them with a chef. It really does give the guests freedom and flexibility to do what they want. We also have a pop-up corner with guest chefs as well"

For a bit of a more refined dining, Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok does not forget that the Bangkok crowd loves its chef-tables where chefs come to the table to cook.

"We do have two Chef tables for large dinners, and the previous properties that I have previously done have those, so it will certainly be done well in Kimpton Ma Lai. We have very large spaces where we have the opportunity to create very large meals."

"We have a very strong beverage program and we also have an ice program where we have 'diamonds' in our whiskey glasses, which are actually very fine, clear pieces of ice. So far I think we are yet to have such a thing in Bangkok."

When asked what kind of feedback and expectations that he's hoping for when it finally opens, Patrick said - "Kimpton is the oldest boutique design company in the world, and to bring that into the market, especially in Southeast Asia, it should be exciting."

"You know me, I only have but only very high expectations for hotel. I believe that it will be a very successful property that will be loved by the local crowd, but will get internationally recognized as well. I have a team that we have put in place here that I have high confidence in. I know that they will do a great job. I've gotta tell you, honestly, it's a property in which it's very well thought through, and it's very unique. So yeah, I have great hopes that this will have great success."

It seems like Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok has put all of their brand pillars into actions - from food, drinks, art, fashion, music to sustainability. The brand is also huge when it comes to social gatherings that connect with community. This is why you will see one of the biggest collaborations between the hotel and local Thai talent, from Tube Gallery and Delvelter for artistic wardrobe, Harn Heritage Spa for bathroom amenities, and ASAVA for luxury casual for staff uniform.