Why would a coastal resort set itself up as a 'Gem Mining' themed destination resort?

It might be creative or even strange to see a hotel located in a place that's usually popular for its beaches, promote itself under the banner of 'Gems' and 'Mining', but there is good reason and it might just be that 'winning formula' for the team at 'The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya'.

When it comes to beach resorts, there is usually one big defining factor that separates properties - either you're 'right on the beach', or you're not. For the many that aren't on the beach, you might see terms like 'Sea View' or 'Rooftop' view in their marketing materials. Rather than taking a 'back seat', The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya has taken a different, creative approach to attract tourists.

The concept is one of a kind in Thailand that pays tribute to African culture, especially the mining industry. The reason behind this concept is due to the fact that the owner has a passion for the joy of life, fun, colorful costumes and the strength and boldness represented in different African tribal cultures.

Each room and villa comes with its own jacuzzi or pool that's perfect for anyone who really values their privacy. The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya offers a wellness center, meeting rooms, restaurant & wine cellar, and private residences that will be opening in April 2022* (Edited - It was opened in April 2021), which are rental accommodations that can cater to both family and corporate clients.

The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya is perfect for guests who need space, privacy, and new experiences that go beyond your standard 'beach experience'. Being located just before Pattaya city has its advantages; guests have easy access to the towns of Sattahip and Sri Racha, as well as being very close to the U-Tapoa Airport. The Gems Mining Pool Villas Pattaya's goal is to give guest the freedom 'to explore'.

"The feedback has been impressive, since our opening in November 2020, we have been operating non-stop despite the lockdown catering to FITs and small corporate and domestic leisure groups. We have had some guests with us for long stays who have been both working and studying from their pool villas. In the past few months, after the easing of lockdown restrictions, coupled by a local population with high vaccination rates, we are running full or nearly full every weekend. We offer something that they cannot get from many other hotels, at an extremely reasonable price. We strive for excellence with our service standards, which is proving to really help raise our word-of-mouth reputation across the country; we're scoring 9.2 and 9.1 on Agoda and Booking.com respectively." said Mandy Supa-arpha Itthikaiwan, Director of Marketing Sales and.

This isn't a product for those who want to wake up and feel the ocean breeze along with other throngs of tourists. This is a product for those who value their privacy, want to be close to the beach, and all the while have a desire to explore the surrounding area.

*Edited The Legacy Conceptual Residence has been opened since last year.