The most heartfelt feedback I've received from both guests and staff is that Anantara Chiang Mai feels like a second home.

Pitak ‘Chin’ Norathepkitti is no stranger to Anantara and especially to the Mekong subregion. Chin has served as a General Manager in both Laos and Cambodia, and he is now back on the Ping River in Chiang Mai at the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort.

Chin, who holds a Master of Arts in tourism, joined Anantara Chiang Mai from Siem Reap in Cambodia where he spent two years overseeing operations at the Anantara Angkor Resort. Prior to Anantara, Chin rose through the ranks to become Cluster General Manager at Sofitel Luang Prabang and 3 Nagas Luang Prabang, Laos.

​​What do you like most about your day at Anantara Chiang Mai?

What I love most about my day at Anantara Chiang Mai is witnessing the genuine connections our guests make with the rich culture, stunning surroundings, and our team's heartfelt hospitality. Seeing guests' faces light up as they immerse themselves in the local experiences we offer truly makes my day.

What is your plan for Anantara Chiang Mai? What do you see the resort doing for the next year?

Looking ahead, my plan for Anantara Chiang Mai is to continue nurturing the resort's exceptional sense of place. I envision us further embracing sustainable practices and creating even more immersive experiences that allow our guests to truly feel like they're part of the fabric of Chiang Mai. As for the upcoming year, I'd love to see us expanding our wellness offerings, curating unique cultural activities, and fostering deeper connections with the local community

Any advice for someone traveling to Anantara for the first time? What experiences do you suggest for them?

To anyone traveling to Anantara for the first time, I'd say embrace the beauty of contrasts. Indulge in the serenity of our luxurious accommodations, but also venture out to explore the bustling Chiang Mai city. Make sure to experience a traditional Thai cooking class and immerse yourself in the local markets and temples. And don't miss the chance to unwind with a traditional Thai massage at our world-class spa.

What is the most heartfelt feedback you have ever received from guests and from your staff?

The most heartfelt feedback I've received from both guests and staff is that Anantara Chiang Mai feels like a second home. Guests often mention the warmth of our team and how they felt genuinely cared for during their stay. Hearing our staff share stories of how they've positively impacted a guest's experience always fills me with pride. Knowing that we've created an environment where everyone feels valued is incredibly rewarding.

What is your philosophy in life?

My life philosophy revolves around the idea that connection is the key to fulfillment. "Go everywhere, know everyone" resonates deeply with me. Building a strong network and fostering genuine relationships not only enriches our personal lives but also strengthens the bonds we create with our guests and community. It's this ethos that guides our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences here at Anantara Chiang Mai.

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