Can people work from the hotel club lounge without being a guest? Yes, they can.

While I was sitting at the club lounge of The Plaza Athenee - Luxury Collection hotel in Bangkok during lockdown, I had the idea of hotels giving access to just regular people willing to pay to use their club lounges to do business. I floated this idea with a few hoteliers, but was quickly told that I was crazy and it'd never work.

Just like so many great business ideas that I should have done but didn't, today I see that this idea has actually had life breathed into it by someone else - the switched on people at Worklounge.

If you had have suggested that we'd still be in lockdown a year and a half into Covid, nobody would have believed you - well, semi-lockdown. Working from home is neither fun nor appealing to anyone!

After all, we are human; we are social beings and we need to get out, get some sun, and see people even if we don't want to talk to them.

I have an office but I also work from hotels most of the time because I like to change things up and my office isn't as pretty as hotel lobby bars. After a while, even the prettiest things grow tired and old - this has proved especially true during this pandemic.

Worklounge offers people club-lounge access so that they can work and go about their business, and in doing so, hotels get potential new clients and new revenue streams.

If you are a 4-5 star hotel and want to explore this option you can go visit their website.

How does this affect your brand loyalty programs? Will it increase your brand equity in the market? We will find out once it's launched.

Share your opinions with us and if you have any suggestions on how to make this particular model work for you and your guests, let me know.