"I have full faith that our country's leaders and medical resources can work cooperatively"

The Prime Minister of Thailand Prayuth Chan O-Cha, has said that the country would be ready to open within 120 days.

Whether it's to be believed or not, many of us see this as a good sign for the country signaling a start to the recovery of the tourism industry.

William Heinecke, Chairman of Minor International has released an official Thank you to the Prime Minister.

Here's his statement;

"As Chairman of the Board and the Executive Committee of Minor International, I wholeheartedly applaud and support the Prime Minister's recent declaration of reopening Thailand within 120 days.  I believe he is charting a realistic and prudent course that has the full backing of both the business community and everyday workers, who have long-suffered loss of business and income by keeping Thailand closed.

I further beseech all national, provincial and local officials to recognize the importance of the Prime Minister's words and work diligently to make this reopening happen safely.  I have full faith that our country's leaders and medical resources can work cooperatively to safeguard public health while simultaneously resuscitating our devastated economy.  

Vaccinations are swiftly rolling out throughout the world and also within Thailand.  At the same time, COVID-19 will be an inextricable part of our lives going forward.  We have to face it head on.  Now is the ideal time to start and reopen our country to the world, following other destinations (i.e. the EU, the Middle East and the USA which have already opened to safe countries and vaccinated travelers.

The most crucial part of any journey is the first step.  In the case of reopening Thailand, that first step is the Phuket Sandbox Programme.  It is imperative that Phuket Sandbox launch on schedule and with the efficiency that is expected of premiere travelers.  From day one, it should be open to all vaccinated travelers, Thai and foreign.  As soon as possible, entry requirements, restrictions on movement and quarantine rules on duration of stay must be further eased, especially discontinuation of Certificate of Entry (COE) registration concurrently. This model should be promptly copied in other provinces throughout the country.  

My thanks go out to all of those who are working day and night to make Thailand's entry into the “new normal” a success.  It is never too early for Thailand to commence its road to recovery.  Together, we can accomplish and set an example to other countries of the world."

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan O-Cha also said that should any serious situation arise, this plan may be modified or cancelled.