"This is not a recessession - it's a depression!" ... Billionaire Hotelier Bill Heinecke, CEO of Minor International Co., Ltd., has spoken with Hotelintel.co's Wimintra about what the 'post Covid' world will look like for the Hotel and travel industries - as well as the F&B Industry.

Bill argued in a recent Bloomberg interview that Covid-19 has put us into a depression rather than a recession.

In this interview, Wimintra gets Bill to elaborate on his perspective of where we are now in economic terms, where he believes the industry is headed, what changes (if any) hotels will have to adapt to, as well as where he will be investing his money as we come out of this crisis.

Minor International is the parent company of several world renowned hotel brands under Minor Hotels and Resorts including Anantara, Tivoli, Avani, NH and OAKS hotels, resorts and residences. This interview is a part of Hotelintel.co's industry intelligence brief series.  For more industry intelligence, subscribe at https://hotelintel.co.

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