This exclusive experience is limited to just eight participants, ensuring a personalized and intimate setting.

Aman has recently announced the launch of its first wellness immersion in a series, led by Global Wellness Ambassador Maria Sharapova. This exclusive event is scheduled to take place from February 21-24, 2024, at Amanpuri, the brand's flagship resort located on a private peninsula along Phuket's west coast. The "Optimising Performance & Recovery Immersion" offers a unique blend of mindfulness, movement, nutrition, and recovery strategies, tailored to enhance both professional and personal growth.

The program, personally curated and hosted by Maria Sharapova, draws upon her extensive experience as a top-tier athlete. It is designed to help participants of varying fitness levels embrace a comprehensive approach to wellbeing. The focus is on holistic performance and recovery, providing practical techniques that can be integrated into everyday life to achieve peak performance.

Amanpuri, Phuket

This exclusive experience is limited to just eight participants, ensuring a personalized and intimate setting. It includes one-on-one consultations with Amanpuri’s medical doctor, daily meditation and breathwork sessions, and specially designed performance activities led by Sharapova herself. The immersion also features innovative recovery practices, such as IV treatments, hydro-facility therapies, and Aman Signature spa treatments. Additionally, daily hikes led by Sharapova, warm-up sessions by Dr. Jason Wersland, founder of Therabody, and other activities are planned to underscore the importance of warm-up and recovery in enhancing overall performance.

Guests will also enjoy a range of dining experiences curated by Sharapova in collaboration with Matteo Nardin, Aman’s Regional Executive Chef for Asia. The meals, including a welcome beach barbecue and a special farewell dinner, are thoughtfully designed to support performance, focusing on fresh, tropical, and locally sourced ingredients.

Maria Sharapova, reflecting on the program, expressed her enthusiasm about bringing her vision to life at Amanpuri. She emphasized that elite performance strategies, honed during her athletic career, are applicable to anyone seeking to optimize their life in various domains, such as career and family. The program aims to share her comprehensive insights into mindfulness, preparation, nutrition, and recovery.

There are eight places available for participating guests of all fitness levels and bookings can be made via enquiry by emailing Further information can be found at