Starting this year, hotels will be able to hold Worldhotels to its Sales promise. At the group’s Annual Conference, held in Guangzhou from 22nd to 25th January, Worldhotels launched the ‘Check 5’ programme – a bundle of key initiatives designed to help hotels build their sales intelligence. The programme comes with a confident guarantee: affiliates can leave the network if Worldhotels fails to deliver the promised activities.

As part of the‘Check 5’ guarantee, hotels are given the opportunity to focus their sales efforts in five core markets of their choice. For each selected market, Worldhotels provides them with the below success factors to grow their businesses:

Access to market intelligence and information collected from Worldhotels sales experts that provides hoteliers with essential insights into the economy, politics, and segmentation of their key feeder markets
Quarterly webinars hosted by Worldhotels’ sales experts that update hoteliers on all “real time” happenings within their markets
Dedicated face-to-face working sessions with Worldhotels’ sales experts during the Worldhotels Annual Conference
A personal introduction to the selected markets, that walk hoteliers through the “need to know” info for their business trips
An annual review of the hotel’s‘Check 5’ Guarantee and the delivered Worldhotels activities
Affiliates can adjust their market focus and reassemble their Top 5 markets each year.

Commenting on the ‘Check 5’ Guarantee, Worldhotels COO, Geoff Andrew, says, “Sales has always been our strongest suit. It’s why many of our hotels have chosen Worldhotels. With our ‘Check 5’ guarantee, we take our sales efforts to the next level and offer our hotels a more focused and efficient approach, ensuring the depth and breadth of their local success.”

“A promise without consequence is no promise at all”, adds CEO, Kristin Intress. “If we fail to deliver the ‘Check 5’ activities, our hotels are free to leave us. “

For 45 years, Worldhotels has been deeply committed to expanding its Sales foothold in global key markets and driving incremental revenue towards member hotels. With 32 sales offices worldwide, of which 8 are in Asia Pacific (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne, and New Delhi), Worldhotels is the leading global Sales organisation for independent hotels and regional hotel groups..