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Worldhotels has set new trends in web design on As mobile usage becomes more popular, will appear with a long scrolling design instead of linking to display content. It will be easier for users to simply scroll through the page to get their information than to click to locate information.

Another great improvement is removing non-essential elements to keep a clean and simple site design, and to stand out among the crowd of design-, and colour-heavy sites. The new design follows the latest trend of displaying the content on a centered site layout. Worldhotels’ take on this returning trend is much more modern and naturally focuses users’ attention on the heart of the page.

The design does not only allow for improved usability, but it is also motivated by the need to make the site load faster and consume less bandwidth. Guests can easily access via various device types and slower networks. The responsive design of helps by being at its guests’ fingertips wherever they may be and is mindful of its users, no matter what data plan they might have. It will provide an optimal view regardless of access via desktop, mobile or tablet device.

The new allows for an easy hotel selection and booking experience for both quick decision makers and guests who are looking for inspiration and additional information about their hotel choice.

The content is aligned with Worldhotels’ marketing strategy of sharing their hotels’ individual stories. For Worldhotels, storytelling means more than telling a simple story; it is about cutting through the clutter to make a difference in these social and content-intense times. It is a differentiated experience that Worldhotels wants to create for users and inspire their guests to fulfill lifelong dreams. Guests can truly experience the hotel from the comfort of their home with images and video footage. They may use the website to cross “bucket list” items off their list and get access to once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Increased security and data privacy featuresinclude a secured user login process, server protection against potential cyber-attacks and the possibility to opt out of the use of cookies.

Worldhotels’ loyalty programme, Peakpoints, is fully integrated into the website and allows guests to collect points directly on and redeem points for cash-value hotel vouchers.

“The new brings our guests closer to our hotels than ever before,” explains Thomas Griffiths, Head of Worldhotels’ marketing team. “We looked very closely at what our guests want and need in a website and then worked hard to give them just that.”