Who doesn’t like Wine? And Who doesn’t like Chocolate. Well, to be fair, some might not like one or the other, but most people do like either one or the other and a good proportion of us like both!

I tried Hot Chocolate Red Wine from a recipe I found on the internet hoping to find some kind of magic festive elixir. According to Popsugar.com, this is the drink of 2016.

Here is the recipe I tried :


1 bar Non-Sweetened Hershey’s Chocolate bar

1 bottle Merlot

2 cups full Cream Milk (bad idea),

Brown sugar


Melt chocolate, then pour the whole bottle of Merlot along with 2 cups of milk, and add sugar to taste. I played it by ear.

Numerous articles about ‘Hot Chocolate Red Wine’ suggested many surprisingly different and supposedly delicious recipes. Mine however didn’t get a good rating from people whom I invited to be victims of my first Hot Chocolate Red Wine experiment.

Conclusion: What may have gone wrong is that the milk may have ruined it and / or all the portions were possibly just too much – the wine, the rich chocolate, the milk and all that ‘sweet’, all at the same time was all very overwhelming.

Personally, I liked it although I was the only one out of 6 people who tried it and liked it. One said that he didn’t mind it, however the rest said ‘never again’.

So here’s a challenge hoteliers – do you have what it takes to adjust this drink and make it work? Share with us your Hot Chocolate Red Wine success stories. We want to hear from you!