Apart from the obvious reason that I work in the industry – I do think that hotels are still relevant today.

Here are the reasons why I think hotels will never go out of style:

Hotels are constantly evolving

From the night the inn was fully booked before baby Jesus had to be delivered in a stable, to what we have today, the industry is evolving constantly. You want a private business meeting room in a business center? You’ve got it. Now, you want to work with others in a communal space? Here you go. From sets breakfasts to buffet breakfasts and now to a-la-carte breakfasts with a buffet line; you want a vibrant, small hotel, with a bunch of millennials? The list is so long you couldn’t pick just one. You want to be included but still feel exclusive? There are hotel brands that have that covered.

I know hotels don’t always get it right, but as an industry overall, I think we try and sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it does, but such is life and we keep evolving.

The fact that we evolve and can offer a variety of choices for consumers is what keeps us going.

People want safety and security

You know what you can expect in a hotel. Certain things can be expected at a 3-star hotel and many other things can be expected at a 5-star hotel. For me, knowing what I’m going to get is comforting. I don’t want to be arriving at a destination to find out that my accommodation isn’t clean or not being able to find the key to an apartment, or worst of all being unable to get hold of my host (which happened to me in New York and from that time I made a promise to only stay in hotels from then on).

I will always pick the devil I know over something completely foreign.

Hotels have an impact on people’s livelihoods

The industry creates job opportunities. There are simply so many people employed in the industry, not to mention many suppliers that rely on its business.

The industry also has an impact on our planet. We get rid of plastic straws, recycle bottles, reuse towels, pick up trash from the beach and give student funds to our staff.

Some people may say (or maybe I have said it), that all these CSR initiatives are simply PR opportunities and the industry just rides every CSR wave that occurs.

The fact that the industry tries to stay relevant and continuously addresses current issues, as well as being so deeply embedded in people’s lives, means that it would take a lot to really get rid of it.

Because we keep moving and stay curious

We want to explore, see and work. Some people might argue that hotels don’t offer authentic local experiences, but I honestly think that’s not always the case. Hotels don’t lock you up in one place. At the end of the day it’s up to the individual if they want to go ‘local’ or not. You can take a boat along the khlong (canal in Bangkok) even when you stay at one of the most luxurious hotels in Bangkok. You won’t be stopped by any hotel if you want to explore some dark and dodgy soi (alley in Bangkok) by night, and if you want to eat Thai street food outside the hotel, you are free to do so.

When someone says ‘we offer you an authentic local experience’ – no, you don’t. The destination does! You either encourage people to go out and experience it or they do that by themselves – it has so little to do with your hotel.

It gives you a sense of accomplishment

Walking into a hotel, you already feel like you are special. Who doesn’t like to be pampered, looked after, and feel special? I know I do! - and that’s something home rentals simply can’t give you.

So, do you think hotels will stay relevant for you? Let us know.