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Gaya Island Resort
[YTL Hotels](http://www.ytlhotels.com/index.html) founded in 1955 by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Yeoh Tiong Lay, is a part of one of the Malaysia’s most dynamic conglomerates, YTL Corporation Berhad. The parent company is considered among the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange’s bluest of blue chips, with a strong foundation in construction and construction-related industries. YTL hotels is involved in both ownership and management of each of their hotels and luxury trains.

YTL Hotels is one of the strong players in the Malaysian luxury sector. They look to use the most cutting edge technologies for the industry to manage their properties. Technology and innovation is used at every point of the business including Sales Account Management System (SAMS) which is a sales method relying on information from potential customers as its base.

This method that performs complex analyses on data from existing and potential customers provides YTL with the capacity to fulfill the dynamic needs and requirements of any customer with hotel products and services that are the best match for each individual customer.

Technology also plays an important role in training, where all team members receive regular and consistent training that has been developed by YTL. YTL also operates its own Central Purchasing System that buys for all hotels in the group through one point. A central inventory is kept and through consolidation of purchasing the group is able to ensure that only their best people are on the job and they also receive the benefit of bulk purchasing as supplies can be purchased for several properties at a time.

At YTL, technology based on their own continuously developed proprietary software, provides the backbone and workflow for Sales, Human Resources & Training, Central Purchasing and Operations.

A consistent and competitive management strategy is what sets YTL Hotels apart from its competitors.

*‘Innovation is encouraged at every level and our ‘stars’ are empowered to make decisions that will improve the customer experience. We choose to focus on innovation in how we communicate with our customers and ‘fans’ and then how we deliver unique experiences at our resorts. We are constantly looking for new ways to surprise and wow our customers.’ *Said Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Luke Hurford.

While YTL Hotels is a technology driven organization, the hotels ironically encourage guests to ‘switch off’ if possible while at their properties so that they can truly enjoy their stay.

‘*IT can be a double edged sword in the luxury sector as while you need to have the creature comforts, access to communications, news and social media etc, you also need to encourage guests to put down their technology and enjoy their holidays. The best IT set up will be one that make for a perfect and smooth stay yet never get in the way on the real reasons for travelling to our stunning destinations.’ *added Luke.

Although the company’s tech based systems of operation have proven to be a success, Luke is not satisfied and will continue to aspire to improve guests’ experiences.

Innovation, Authenticity, Privacy, and Exclusivity are important factors in the luxury sector, but what will become increasingly important as properties compete with each other as they introduce the latest and greatest technologies is ‘Bragging Rights’ said Luke.