Parisienne Witloof Salad
Parisienne Witloof SaladHow often do you make a commitment to wellness each year? Once? .. Twice a year? .., or possibly never.  Going on a wellness or retreat program requires time which usually mean days or weeks, not to mention the tax it takes on your mental state after having been on green juice and crack-of-dawn yoga cycles all week.

Well Hotels Bangkok understands that not everyone can afford a 7-day program and some of us still want to enjoy our city lifestyle while still keeping fit and healthy. Well Hotels took this seriously and engaged Dr. Somboon Roongphornchai (MD., ABAAM, ACASP) who is a specialist lecturer at Mae Fah Luang University and medical consultant of the amazing Vitalife Wellness Center at Bumrungrad International Hospital.  He created an exercise package for Well Fitness and recommendations for healthy dishes for hotel F&B outlets like the Eat Well Cafe. The hotel helps guests reach their goal living healthily while still staying at their city hotel.

With four treatment rooms at Well Spa and more to come, asked if this is a viable business model for a city hotel?

‘Spas can add value to your product (hotel) and that is one of the facilities guests expect from a non-budget hotel. It adds value and lifts positioning. It brings in good revenue over the short cycles of the use of the room. Let’s look at this example – . If the average spending per head is 2,000 Baht per person per hour, ten hours could make 20,000 Baht while you might only make 3,500 Baht on room per night and that involves housekeeping, F&B (breakfast, welcome drink) and front office people.’ said, Mandy Itthikaiwan, Marketing Communication Manager at Well Hotel Bangkok.

Well Spa offers 100% natural therapies with natural ingredients and essential oils in all treatments and massages. Custom blend massage oils are prepared according to your condition or preference.  They are freshly made by well-trained therapists.

It’s not only food therapy and spas that Well Hotel Bangkok is offering. There is also a low impact ‘Aqua Bike Exercise’ class is on its way. All programs available at Well Fitness is prepared and designed under the care of experts, and there are also exercise bikes in the executive guest rooms.

Most hotels think of wellness as a ‘something nice to have’. Well Hotel Bangkok has shown us that if you can get the right people and do the right marketing, Well’ness sells!