Wellness is something that can be ‘done’ anytime and anywhere. It shouldn’t require an hours-long journey to some pristine beach resort with monkeys and mosquitoes, nor should it be expensive.

Well Hotel Bangkok has built itself up around a theme of ‘wellness’ –  food therapy, in-room exercise equipment and exercise classes, and now is reaping the benefits of gambling on the ‘wellness’ theme. Today, Well Hotel Bangkok has added an additional ‘fit-box’ into their guest rooms which makes the guests’ ‘refuge away from home’, even more attractive. The fit box contains a yoga mat, a yoga block, a resistance band, a pilates ball and a massage ball so that you don’t even have to leave the room to go to the gym anymore.

Even when you do want to go to the gym, guests can also enjoy a free Muay Thai class at the fitness center.

Well Hotel Bangkok also offers ‘Food Therapy’ in conjunction with Dr. Somboon Roongpohornchai, providing ‘food therapy’ from everything from jet-lag, to ‘office syndrome’ or even PMS.  That means that once you’re in the property, you really have no need for anything outside the hotel anymore.  It’s all there for you.   

No more booking a holiday, secretly knowing and worrying that you will probably be coming back looking worse for wear having added a good half dozen kilos through overindulgence.  For the self-conscious, the ‘Well Hotel’ experience will take a lot of stress and ‘travelers remorse’ out of your traveling.