Weeboon.com is the first social fundraising platform dedicated to Thailand that connects those in need with those who care. The company provides a multitude of services to local communities - ranging from raising money for personal causes or non-profits to helping hotels to further their CSR and engage with domestic causes.

As of recently, Weeboon launched its one-stop service for CSR for hotels.
This service is meant to assist hotels of any size who are willing to make a significant impact by getting their employees, customers and supporters involved in their CSR projects.

There are three main benefits for hotels to partner with Weeboon:

In terms of Corporate Social Responsibility, Weeboon helps hotels to achieve their CSR goals by increasing their community involvement

  • Increase visibility of (existing) charitable partnerships and actions
  • Catch local community attention by supporting causes locals care about
  • Showcase company’s CSR projects to the local community

In terms of Strategic Marketing, Weeboon amplifies hotels’ marketing efforts to its maximum potential.

  • Drastically increase social sharing of the hotel brand and gain huge exposure
  • Strategically participate in campaigns to help achieve marketing goals
  • Improve hotel’s brand reach and recognition, gain social branding and customer loyalty

In terms of Internal Pursuits, Weeboon gives the opportunity to unite a community around the causes a hotel supports, while taking a leadership role.

  • The hotel is seen by its employees' networks as a company with heart
  • The hotel becomes a significant trendsetter and increase employee engagement
  • Employees unite as a team in a healthy, fun competition for a good cause

Weeboon believes hotels should have the best match to maximize their CSR impact.
In order to do this, Weeboon has created a mechanic that splits the matching and funding process into a few very simple steps.

  1. Weeboon team identifies hotel’s CSR objective.
  2. Weeboon team provides a selection of projects from its NGO database.
  3. An NGO/project is matched to the hotel and a custom crowdfunding campaign is created on the platform.
  4. The branded campaign is then funded through 4 different sources: the hotel by making the initial donation and offering some match-funding, its employees and the public (including customers and outsiders).
  5. An associated project can also be launched as an optional step.

These developmental steps contribute to showcase hotel’s CSR actions to the world.

Weeboon is here to connect the hospitality world with the nonprofit world so hotels can reach their CSR objective more efficiently. Doing CSR via crowdfunding is definitely becoming a trend that makes it more engaging and participative for all the parties involved while simultaneously enhancing one’s social branding.