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Hear us out Hoteliers, we don’t really mean to be guests from hell. Sometimes we just want a little extra and we wish you could help us out.

Recently, I have on a few occasions when I have been pulling long hours at work, rather than going home, I have decided to bunk up in a hotel because I have been too tired to go home. One thing that I personally can’t live without is my contact lens container and lens solution. I don’t think I’m the only one in this boat.

I don’t understand why can’t a hotels haven’t thought to have a small contact lens holder and vile of solution available for guests. They could charge me for it, I don’t mind. For me, this is a life and death amenity.

Another thing that I always find myself needing are Band aids (healing plaster strips). Some hotels place a box of condoms for guests. Great for the guys, but trust me, the way to a ladies’ heart is in making her high heels feel more comfortable. From experience, these small but ever so useful strips of sticky plaster are extremely useful and usually nowhere to be found unless you call and ask for them!

I have asked a few business travelers about what items they would like to see more of in hotels. Here’s the list:

  1. USB Charger Sockets – Although most new TVs have a USB port to play movies and you can charge off of them, it would be nice not to have to do that and plug straight into a dedicated USB socket on the desk or next to the bed.
  2. Power points near bedside table – We travel with an iPad, iphones, MacBooks and Samsung Note. We want to be able to connect with the outside world at all times, even when we’re sleeping.
  3. Decent Bluetooth Sound System
  4. Nail Clippers – Can’t pack that onboard now.
  5. Toothpicks – I know it’s just a toothpick, so provide some!
  6. **Tampons **– They have the whole sanitary bag thing down, but what about what goes in them?
  7. Contact Lens Container and Solution – Just a small one would do. Make it one of your minibar items. It could come in handy.
  8. Healing Plaster – Small accidents happen like paper cut or nail broke and we don’t want to make a mess on your white towel.
  9. Universal Power Sockets – You expect international guest then you should provide them something that would make their life easier.
  10. **Bum Sprayers **– Cream bun analogy … you’re not going to get rid of the cream spilt and smeared on your top with just wiping. Water needs to come into play. Likewise with anything spilt or smeared on your bottom. (For more information on this one, check out our previous article ‘Asian’s Beloved Toilet Hoses

In Addition to that, Jet Airways Thailand Country Manager Anindam Choudhury, says, ‘I travel every week and this is from my personal experience … In 5 star hotels, they should have cologne. Sometimes it’s difficult to carry the same due to size limitation for hand baggage during air travel. We all are a well-groomed business people after all.’

Asia Pacific Sales and Marketing Manager for Jawbone, Matt Jenkins believes that standard things like wet wipes, eye masks and lip salve should be available. Matt says ‘I always pack and take myself because no one ever has’ . He continues, ‘… and I am no longer booking hotels that don’t offer free WiFi. It’s 2014. Free WiFi should be standard. I book hotels based on Wifi availability and I would book even more so on consideration of download and upload speed’.

After speaking with all of the contributors, it seems that there is one thing that they can all agree on. Free WiFi should be re-classified as a new inalienable human right..