Vispring, the globally acclaimed luxury British bed maker, is thrilled to be commemorating two spectacular years in Hong Kong, and would like to extend a special thanks to customers who will be offered an incredible 20% off any purchase.

Crafted from the finest of natural materials such as Austrian Moosburger horsehair, cashmere, raw silk and opulent Shetland Wool, Vispring is a pioneering leader in educating customers in the key role that a high-quality mattress plays in a good quality night’s sleep and associated health benefits. They believe that buying the right mattress is as important as purchasing a property, because a mattress can be life-changing.

“All of our customers are unique in what they want from a bespoke mattress, and Vispring can customise a mattress to any specification or shape, to fit the most luxurious of yacht cabins to developing a mattress as a chaise longue”,says Brandon Chau, Managing Director of Noblesse Lifestyle Group Limited.

After meeting amazingly creative clients in the last two years in Hong Kong, Vispring has put together five fun facts for people who are looking for that special something, an extra ingenious design for their mattress:

**Have a one-of-a-kind mattress shape idea?
**A quarter of Vispring clients have a very strong and creative vision for their bed room furnishings, and Vispring has received orders to create mattresses of a variety of shapes. Do not be afraid to speak your preference!

**Like it hard or soft?
**Customers of Vispring never again have to worry about agreeing on the softness or hardness of a mattress with their partner, as Vispring mattresses can be tailored in different ways on each side.

**A honeycomb mattress, maybe?
**The pattern of individualpocket springs can be customised for each client, supplying perfect support for every inch of your body.

**Five star fibres fit for the queen?
**Vispring is meticulous about its choice of fillings from South American and Austrian horsehair to the softest of silk, mohair, cashmere, alpaca and bamboo, they compose a palette of unparalleled refinement.

**All work and no sleep?
**For those professionals wishing to have round-the-clock close access to their phone, Vispring can build in an individual pocket on the side of the mattress so the phone is always reachable.

In celebration of Vispring’s 2nd Anniversary, Vispring isdelighted to be offering a generous 20% off any purchase in-store in Hong Kong. Since it was introduced to Hong Kongtwo years ago, Vispring has gone from strength to strength with customers investing in a unique object, a tailor made mattress and bed, in which traditional workmanship and the finest materials combine to conjure up the ultimate in luxury. And it’s not only Hong Kong that gets to enjoy the Vispring offering, the next big thing is about to happen in Chengdu, China. More updates to come!