TripAdvisor, Inc. launched its new ads performance Sponsored Placements, along with a series of enhancements to Business Advantage.

Sponsored Placements enables hoteliers to drive targeted travellers to their properties through high visibility ad placements on TripAdvisor. It measures the impact of a hotel campaign at a glance, showing hoteliers performance analytics and insights into intelligence metrics. On average, Sponsored Placements customers are receiving an increase of 17 percent in visits to their TripAdvisor listing.

Sponsored Placements is comprised of the ability to track number of ad impressions, number of visits to a property’s TripAdvisor listing, booking referrals as a result of ads, and a property listing percentage of market share in locations where the ads are displayed.

All Business Advantage subscribers have access to Sponsored Placements. The tools to Sponsored Placements will drive high traffic to a TripAdvisor listing, then the features of Business Advantage influence potential guests.

Enhancements to Business Advantage include adding subscriber website links to search results on TripAdvisor, making their website links more well-known within their contact details on their listing, increasing customers visibility, and adding more details to property overview section on their TripAdvisor pages.

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