Four Top-Notch Technologies Every Hotel Should Invest In

At the Eccleston Square Hotel in London, guests experience a one of a kind morning shower when they can turn the transparent glass to frosted with the flip of a switch on the “smart glass” wall.   The Park Hyatt Tokyo and Park Hyatt Seoul offers guests access to over 2,300 international newspapers on their smartphones or tablets using the hotel’s Wi-Fi network and an app called PressReader.

An increasingly digitalised world has meant that hotels cannot afford to be left behind in the technological race. Personalising, speeding up and revolutionising services has never been more detrimental. Hotels are using these technologies in new ways and we at Hotel Intel recommend you don’t get left behind.

Here are the four out of the thousand technologies we think you should consider:

1.Fingerprint Scanners
Screen Shot 2557-10-23 at 22.36.01

Forget room keys, swipe cards and codes, follow the lead of the smartly designed luxury boutique hotel, Alma Barcelona, and install fingerprint swiping.  Very 007. Guests will never lose their keys again!

2.Robot Room Service
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The robot revolution has arrived!  A robot shaped like the R2D2 character from “Star Wars” has been hired to deliver late night snacks and complimentary toothbrushes to guests in their rooms at the Starwood’s Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, Calif.

3.The “I Want it Now” System
In what we have affectionately called, the “I Want it Now” system, The Wit in Chicago employs an IP system in its infrastructure automating services throughout guests stay.  Any request made is immediately sent to the closest staff member’s mobile device and in the rooms VoIP colour touch screen phones update guests on the weather, allowing them to set up wake-up calls, request room service, flight information or valet service. Everything is literally in the palm of your hands.

  1. Ditch the Plugs – Wireless Chargers are on the rise
    Newsletter- Marriod

As mobile technology dominates the industry, take the lead of the Marriot and invest in some wireless charging stations. In partnership with Kube Systems, the Marriot plans to add these miniature packs of power that have the ability to charge up 6 devices at a time to 29 lobbies across the U.S with more to come.  A survey conducted by the Marriot Hotels found that the new technology will aid the average business traveler, who carries up to three mobile devices with them on the road, to leave tangles of power chords at home..