I have had the privilege to speak with a number of hotel owners that are have recently opened hotels, or are currently building them. From those conversations with these people in the business that I respect, I have learnt a lot as to what decisions need to be made when building a hotel which I hope will be both interesting and useful to our readers out there who are also building now or looking to build.

Gym Vs. Kids’ Club?

You need a gym, but instead of investing all your budget in some top of the line, complex machinery, just go for regular equipment that everyone can use and invest the rest of the money in building a Kids’ Club. Nothing makes a with a family happier than to be able to get some ‘alone’ time while their kids are being taken good care of in a Kids’ Club.

Mini Bar or No Mini Bar?

It is all about service now. Why would you store an almost expired Kit-Kat or can of coke and charge 10 times the regular price while you can just charge the normal price and win the guests’ hearts (and stomachs). Take the Amara Hotel for example.

Outsourced Spa

A Health Spa is another way to add value to your hotel. The billion-dollar question is however should you outsource it or run it yourself? Think reduced risk, and adding value. Use a spa brand to leverage retail prices and attract customers.

Ready-Made Room Service Food

It is no secret that many hotels serve you pre-made food for their in-room dining service. I have even experienced these ready-made meals in some 5-star hotels and I must admit, it didn’t taste that bad. To be honest, I don’t care if it’s pre-made or fresh out of the oven. At 3 in the morning, everything tastes delicious and I’m thankful that I can still order something at that hour.

Some hotels I know even use pre-made or semi-prepared food in their restaurants. All they do is add a little lobster, truffles and add 30 USD to the original price.

Unlimited WiFi

I just hope that we don’t have to talk about WIFI anymore in the near future. Any hotelier that still charges for WiFi or limits how many devices can connect, or puts time limits on it during the guests stay probably needs to re-evaluate their strategy very seriously. Thank you to all those hoteliers who understand their guests needs and have made it available for free without limits put on the access. This should be standard for any hotel nowadays.

I hope these suggestions have provided some new food for thought if you are in the process of building, renovating or investing in a new hotel. If you have any other suggestions and ideas, I would love to hear about them in the comments section.