We sell something to someone everyday even if we don’t realise it. We sell the idea of ‘Employee of the Month’ to our staff so that they might work harder. We sell our ‘Vision’ to get strangers to work for our company. In return we make them a deal that they will get paid every month if they work for us and even better, have the opportunity of getting even more recognition should they earn the title of ‘Employee of the Month’.

We make deals every day in our lives. When it comes to business deals however, things can get more complex and there is often more at stake.  This is why HSMAI Thailand has reached out to people who have earned their stripes, and put a panel together and will be hosting a dialogue with them under the banner of ‘The Art of the Deal’ on the 15th of February, 2017 at the Oriental Residence, Bangkok on Wireless Road.

Graham Lewis, Director of Commercial for Southeast Asia & Korea said “A deal, as defined in the Oxford English dictionary, is ‘An agreement entered into by two or more parties for their mutual benefit, especially in a business or political context’ n. – it is the phrase “mutual benefit” that must never be forgotten and fundamental to the Art of the Deal.

If you only focus on selling a product or service, you will never stand out from the average sales person. If however, you provide a solution to a problem you will be on your way to master the art of the deal.

If you truly listen, you can truly understand and only then you can share how you will bring the right solution.”

Richard  Murphy, President of HSMAI Thailand confirmed that listening is a good start when trying to close a deal. “It’s all about the conversation – starting it, constantly listening for clues to help guide the conversation in the direction you want, persevering (never give up!) and patience as you work towards closing the deal. Oh, and you’ll need a little luck too! That, to me, is the art of the deal!”

While Dr Don Chirathivat, is the Senior Vice President of COL’s online arm – a company that looks after the retail online market for Central Group. He believes that the ‘customer relationship’ is the key to ‘The Art of the Deal’ – “You need to build customer relationships that last a lifetime through both sincere actions and communication”.  

Whether you are a hotelier, a sales representative, or just someone who wants to get some insight about how to make a deal – this event is for you.

“It’s all about being open minded and understanding the partners’ or consumers’ main issues and designing a solution that will improve its current situation and outlook as well as instilling loyalty. The Art of the Deal is not about one lucky shot, it is all about forging long term win-win relationship.” Damien Pfirsch Director of Product at Agoda

President Donald Trump once said in his book ‘The art of the Deal’ that “Deals work best when each side gets something it wants from the other.”

See you on the 15th, I’m moderating it … *Do we have a deal? *